NBA Rumors: Sixers expect Ben Simmons to play for the team this season

NBA Rumors: The Philadelphia 76ers reportedly expect Ben Simmons to show up and play for the team if a trade doesn’t materialize.

The Philadelphia 76ers appear to be stuck on their stance. They are not going to trade Ben Simmons unless it’s to upgrade their roster. Whether or not that stance will end up biting them in the butt is something that will be answered over the next few weeks and, perhaps, months.

A recent report actually takes it a step further. Even after it was reported earlier this offseason that Simmons was prepared to not show up to training camp, the Sixers apparently believe that Simmons will play for the team this season if a trade (of their liking) isn’t found.

This could very well end up being a game of chicken; who is going to blink first, the Sixers or Simmons? With reports that the trade market for Simmons has been pretty dry, likely due to Philadelphia’s extraordinarily high asking price, what is the next move for either side?

Is Simmons prepared to make this situation into an utter mess, perhaps similar to the way James Harden did last season with the Houston Rockets? Are the Sixers willing to ride this mess into training camp and possibly into the season? Should they bite the bullet and trade Simmons, even if it means taking a bit of a step back as a franchise?

This is certainly a tough situation for both parties at the moment. But you have to wonder what the breaking point is going to be for the Sixers? Or when Simmons will say, “forget it and simply come to the realization that it might come down to playing for the Sixers or sitting out games.”

Philadelphia is making it clear that they hold all the cards. At this point, the ball is now in Simmons’ court. Is he willing to break the game?