The Tuurrible Ten: Biggest NBA Pussies

Even though these guys would probably go 81-1 if they were on the same team, they’re still pussies…

10)  LeBron James – King James might be the best player in the league, but not shaking hands after losing a series is bush

9)    Andrew Bynum – After coming back from his knee injury Bynum played without a heart, soul or pulse

8)    Manu Ginobli – One half of the Flop Brothers

7)   Anderson Varejao – Side Show Bob is the other half of the Flop Brothers

6)   Dirk Nowitzki – Great shooter for a 7-footer, but Dirk rarely ventures into the paint to mix it up

5)   Andrei Kirilenko – Ric Ocasek and DJ Qualls think Kirilenko is too skinny.  Jerry Sloan has turned AK-47 into a basket case the last couple of years

4)   Kevin Garnett – Mr. Intensity always seems to picking on guys nearly a foot smaller

3)   Jason Kidd – What kind of guy hits a woman?

2)  Adam Morrison – Although he now has a championship ring, this former #3 overall pick would likely be working the night shift at a bowling alley if he was six inches shorter

1)   Sasha Vujacic – Just a royal pain in the ass that you want to punch in the face.  Has never committed a foul…just ask him

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