The Tuurrible Ten: Biggest NBA Pussies

Even though these guys would probably go 81-1 if they were on the same team, they’re still pussies…

10)  LeBron James – King James might be the best player in the league, but not shaking hands after losing a series is bush

9)    Andrew Bynum – After coming back from his knee injury Bynum played without a heart, soul or pulse

8)    Manu Ginobli – One half of the Flop Brothers

7)   Anderson Varejao – Side Show Bob is the other half of the Flop Brothers

6)   Dirk Nowitzki – Great shooter for a 7-footer, but Dirk rarely ventures into the paint to mix it up

5)   Andrei Kirilenko – Ric Ocasek and DJ Qualls think Kirilenko is too skinny.  Jerry Sloan has turned AK-47 into a basket case the last couple of years

4)   Kevin Garnett – Mr. Intensity always seems to picking on guys nearly a foot smaller

3)   Jason Kidd – What kind of guy hits a woman?

2)  Adam Morrison – Although he now has a championship ring, this former #3 overall pick would likely be working the night shift at a bowling alley if he was six inches shorter

1)   Sasha Vujacic – Just a royal pain in the ass that you want to punch in the face.  Has never committed a foul…just ask him

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  • toasterhands

    Carmelo Anthony anyone?

  • Drew

    I gave some serious thought to Melo, however he really matured once Chauncey came to town.

    Carlos Boozer is the guy pushing LeBron for a spot in the top ten. Hamstring (2005-2006) and thigh (2008-2009) injuries resulting in 40+ missed games? Please…

  • toasterhands

    Maybe JR Smith deserves a bid then?

  • Drew

    Perhaps…although he stepped it up in the playoffs and played pretty well. If we’re talking Nuggets, I’d have to give the nod to my man Dahntay Jones for tripping Kobey. That was a pussy move…

  • Drew

    …and then when Jones tripped Kobe it was really a pussy move.

    If you’re talking ex-Nuggets then Iverson definitely deserves consideration for taking the last 1/4 of the season off because he didn’t want to come off the bench.

  • toasterhands

    How did AI slip through! A travesty!