Complicated in Minnesota

Certainly one of the biggest storylines of yesterday’s draft was Minnesota’s decision to draft consecutive point guards with the fifth and sixth picks. Newly hired GM David Kahn backed up his decision of drafting Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn on back to back picks saying that he believed the two could thrive in the backcourt together.

Personally I don’t see it. Both players thrive with the ball in their hands. And on a team that already employs Al Jefferson and Kevin Love (two other players who need ball in hand) there simply may not be enough ball go around.

The question really is whether Kahn actually drafted these guys to play together or if it was more of an asset collection in hopes to turn one player into two quality players. The guys over at Truehoop do a good job of explaining the situation further.

If the idea was to move Rubio, it doesn’t look like Kahn will have much trouble finding possible destinations. Already there has been some expectant rumors floating around about the possibility of the TWolves moving Rubio with the Knicks being possible suitors.

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