Weekend Video - Jason Kidd Edition

For your weekend viewing pleasure, I’m  going to honor great point guards of the game. For the first weekend edition, my favorite point guard of all time, a true genius…Jason Kidd. Enjoy.

Always a step ahead of the defense.

An amazing pass, splitting three Cavalier defenders. This pass took place in a playoff game, so notice time and situation. 4th quarter with the Nets down four points, a truly pressure packed pass.

Kidd using the glass to set Kenyon Martin up against the Knicks.

Just another amazing pass from Kidd to Jefferson in transition.

My favorite Kidd moment of all time comes in Game 5 of the 2002 NBA Playoffs. Kidd with the shot clock running down hits a clutch jumper to essentially seal the deal for the Nets. This is one of the many clutch moments Kidd had in this game.

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