Hitting The Links With Chuck: The Sunday Six Pack


Sir Charles may have the worst golf swing in history, but he does know hoops.  Here are the Chuckster’s six favorite links from the past week:

If Shaq, Sheed and The Worm were rappers, who would they be?   Fan Addict

The Basketball Fiend’s epic free agency podcast tells you everything you need to know about the NBA off-season 

Is Ric Bucher Yao Ming’s Bitch?   Lake Show Life 

Jordan Crawford talks about dunking on King James   Air Alamo

At least one person doesn’t see what the big deal is about the LeBron/Nike story    Inside The Iggles

As mentioned in Checking In With Charles earlier this week, Chuck likes blockbuster movies.  Here are the movie equivalents of what the Celtics, Pistons and Mavericks have done this off-season    Fully Clips

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