Jonny Flynn - A New Age Point Guard

Umm yeah and this guy is supposedly a point guard? They have him listed at 6-0 but I doubt Flynn barely even scraped 5-11. Anyway, he puts a nice little capper on the end of a summer league breakaway.

Make one thing for certain, Flynn has made everyone talk about him during his stint in the Vegas summer league. Flynn has evoked comments such as: Being lethal in open space and the single most electric guard in Vegas, which sounds pretty accurate.

In his five Vegas games Flynn shot a scorching 48% from the floor and even more impressive 58% from three – let us not forget Flynn’s one fault would be his lack of a consistent outside shot, but those numbers suggest he can become a pretty capable shooter.

Lets also not lose of the fact that Flynn did this against some sub-NBA talent, but on the flip side offensively having his peers be Al Jefferson and Kevin Love will certainly help to create even more space for Flynn to attack. I also have the suspicion that Flynn is going to grow to be the emotinal leader of that team, so Flynn is a pretty dynamic basketball player on several fronts.

Minnesota fans, Jonny Flynn may make you quickly forget the name Ricky Rubio.

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