New Poll Question: Which Team Has Improved The Most This Summer?


Who said it's a three team race in the East?

There is a new poll question on the right sidebar.  Please take a few seconds to weigh in on which team has had the best off-season.  Here are the choices:





San Antonio


Los Angeles Lakers


What do I think?  Right now I’m tempted to cast my vote for the guy in the above picture…

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  • toasterhands

    Well, surely the Spurs have to be #1 here.

    Raps are definitely in the discussion. Most of those other teams have lost keys parts while adding pieces, so it’s a wash for them mostly.

    As far as “improving the most” this offseason, you have to factor in Detroit. Going from a shoddy 8th seed with NO DIRECTION to a possible 5th seed, 44+ win team with a direction has to mean some degree of improvement.

    Clips as well. Addition by subtraction with Randolph departure +Griffin and Smith

  • Drew

    I had the Spurs as a clear #1 until yesterday, but look at what Toronto has done: Jack, Belinelli, Turkoglu, Evans and Nesterovic along with DeRozan and Wright.

    Toronto doesn’t even need Bosh, Bargnani and Calderon to be competitive against a few teams in the league (Minnesota, Milwaukee and Sactown to name three).


  • Robert Lehrer

    Most improved team? San Antonio by far.