Which NBA Team Will Improve The Most Next Season?


This season I'm going to try to coach the team without my head being up my ass

Thanks to everyone who voted in the last SCIC poll.  In case you missed the results, San Antonio ran away with it by capturing 36% of the overall vote.   Our next poll question is the following:  Which team will improve the most next season?

Toronto Raptors

Washington Wizards

Los Angeles Clippers

Detroit Pistons  (After casting a vote you will be given a complimentary glass of Joe Dumars Kool-Aid) 

Sacramento Kings  (For those people who think Tyreke Evans is LeBron, MJ and Kobe rolled into one)

Golden State Warriors

Memphis Grizzlies


In my mind it’s really a three horse race, but I included a few other options as well.  The poll is over on the right sidebar and will be up for the next two weeks.  If you think another team should be added as an option just leave a comment or send me an e-mail. Over 200 people voted in our last poll so let’s see if we can top 300 this time!

Drew is the lead blogger of Pacman Jonesin’ and also contributes to SCIC on a weekly basis as a featured blogger.  He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]


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  • http://lifeondumars.com/ toasterhands

    If the Clippers don’t win at least 40 games I’ll be shocked. Actually, not really.

  • http://pacmanjonesin.com Drew

    The Clips really should win 40+ games, but Dunleavy is the wildcard. Another coach with all that talent would be a lock, but not Dunleavy.

  • http://3sob.com Chip Crain

    I think the Grizzlies have an excellent chance to improve. Darrell Arthur was useless as the starting PF last season and despite his character issues Zach Randolph is a big improvement. Mayo and Gasol has a full NBA season under their belts and should be that much more effective as a result. Conley was coming on in the 2nd half of the season and Rudy Gay is playing for a new contract. Their starting 5 is young and has a lot to prove but they should be greatly improved.

    The bench is younger than the starters but Thabeet, Carroll and Young should all provide sparks off the bench. Arthur should be stronger as a 2nd yr player coming off the bench than a starter as a rookie too. The Grizzlies do need a better solution at back up PG than Marcus Williams and Marco Jaric but Mayo can also move to the point some so that problem may not be as severe as some people believe either.

  • http://pacmanjonesin.com Drew


    Although nobody has cast a vote for the Grizzlies yet, I agree with you that they will be a much better team this season. Call me crazy, but I can see Memphis winning 12-15 more games and finishing the year close to .500.

    Jaric is a dog with fleas and Marcus Williams has been a big-time bust so far, but otherwise I think things are finally looking up in Memphis.

  • http://www.davissportsdeli.com/wordpress Patrick

    I think either the Wizards or the Clippers will be the most improved team next season. If pressed to choose only one, though, I’d go with the Wiz. Getting Arenas back and adding Foye/Miller is going to make them a playoff contender.

  • http://www.ebsports.net/bbs/forumdisplay.php?f=18 Matthew P.C. Holmquist


    Timberwolves. Good coach, healthy Al Jefferson, and a real PG.

    They are destined to win 30+ games at least.


  • http://fullyclips.com Short White Boy

    I’m saying Wiz or Clips (and no, not just ‘cuz I’m Mr. FullyClips.com).

    The Raptors basically traded the Matrix for Hedo. It should make them better, but markedly so? Nah.

    Detroit may come together or not, but since they made the playoffs last year, no way they improve too much on last year’s record.

    The Kings should improve a bit just ‘cuz they came in dead last in ’08-’09. Tyreke Evans was an awful pick with Rubio still on the table, but if l’il Kmart can play more games this year the two should be able to improve by 5 or so games.

    GSW could improve IF Randolph makes that jump that people thought he’d make last year. Also this time they’ll have a full season o’ Monta. But I think the experiment with him at PG will fail and they shouldn’t have let Jamal Crawford walk away for nada, no matter how stubborn Don Nelson is.

    The Grizz will still suck. Maybe they’ll win 5 more games ‘cuz they sucked so hard last year.

    The T-Wolves? Nah. Randy Foye and Mike Miller were solid players, and short-term replacing them with a rookie PG should only hurt.

    The one team however that I think could be amongst the top 3 to improve — and a team you don’t mention — is that team that was stolen from Seattle. They started to come on once they got Scotty Brooks as coach. Harden, while unlikely to be a big stud, should help. Durrant seems to get better with every character I type. And Westbrook, no longer being a rookie PG, should run this team even better.

  • http://pacmanjonesin.com Drew

    SWB – You forgot about the additions of Kevin Ollie and Etan Thomas!! Sam Presti has to be the frontrunner for executive of the year…don’t you think?

    I will add the Thunder and Wolves (per Matthew’s suggestion) to the poll. However, it really doesn’t matter as nobody is going to catch Toronto. This is somewhat surprising to me as I thought it would be a tighter race between the Wizards and Raptors.

  • Mark

    Wizards but I think I like the above Sonics and Thunder picks, too.

  • http://fullyclips.com Short White Boy

    Wow, Toronto really has the runaway lead. Either this site is huge in The Great White North or I’m disappointed in your readers. The Raptors won 33 games last year. Versus the Clips and the Wiz only won 19. I’ll leave out the Clips to avoid any accusations of team bias, but before last year, the Wiz had gotten like 41 wins for the last several seasons. Then they lost Arenas & Haywood for pretty much the whole season. I know it don’t seem like much that they lost Haywood, but despite being a homophobic with a lack of impressive stats he was actually a huge defensive anchor for them the previous year. Even if Arenas isn’t fully back to the player he was (& word is he’s looked great lately), a partial Arenas plus Haywood and Randy Foye and Mike Miller should almost assure they at least get back to 41 wins. And if Arenas is the old Arenas, OR if the team really, really meshes, it wouldn’t be inconceivable for this team to get 50+ wins in the East. But back to the 41 wins. That’d be an improvement of 22 games because the Bullets sucked so hard last year. Even the most ardent Raps fans surely can’t think that their team is gonna jump up to at least 55 wins? I mean as stacked as the West is, only 1 team, the Lakers, won at least that many games.

    But back to you Drew. Your point about the “impressive” signings of Etan & Ollie (sounds like a silent era comedy duo), made me realize I definitely have been drinking too much of the Sam Presti Kool-Aid. Like I totally have called Memphis & Sac morons for not drafting Rubio, but I don’t blame Mr. P. And it ain’t cuz I think Harden is that good. I guess I had heard that Westbrook really was against someone coming in to take over his spot, and the truth is the spot they needed someone at was SG, but still… I mean I was about to write how Etan will be a great savy veteran backup, but c’mon, he’s Etan frickin’ Thomas. How pathetic is it to have a man-crush not on a player but on a GM??? And truth is, I’ve got one for Daryl Morrey too. I need help.

  • http://pacmanjonesin.com Drew

    SWB – You make a lot of sense about Wizards vs. Raptors. I really thought the vote would be split 45%/45% and the Clippers would get most of the remaining votes. There is still more than a week to go, but so far it’s all Raptors.

    Etan & Ollie…I really like that! In fac, I may even borrow it in the future (so expect to see a royalty check in your mail box at some point this winter). Presti does get waaaaay to much credit. Daryl does as well, but at least his teams have done something. I really like Westbrook as a player, but he’s not a true point guard. Rubio wanted to come to Oklahoma City (who could blame him a very promising young nucleus) and Presti should have picked him. Another shooting guard could have been tabbed later in the draft (instead of another big white stiff…er..project like Mullens). The good thing is you admit you have a problem and need to seek help!!

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