25 fearless NBA predictions

Oct 14, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin (32) shoots a free throw during the game against the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center. The Nuggets defeated the Clippers 100-95. Photo via Newscom

Where Does Blake Griffin Fits Into the 50 predictions? Via: Yardbarker

Alright, I promised this, here are my 50 predictions that we will look back upon in the NBA season. We separate the predictions from the so-so predictions to the pretty gutsy ones. I broke them down by craziness.


25. On January 1st, we will hear a ton of  “Allen Iverson returning to the NBA” talk. We will also hear 10-12 teams looking to sign him…yet he will not get signed.

24. Micheal Beasley will be a hauntingly good player in Minnesota this season.

23.  Utah will be the team everyone pick to beat the Lakers this season

22. Lakers get embarrassed on Christmas…..again.

21. Hedo Turkoglu: Welcome back. I see a bounce back season.

Trying to look Smart?

20. Vince Carter leads the Orlando Magic in points this season

19. At least 15 NBA Trades as teams look to out due each other

18. The Miami never go through a 3 game losing streak the whole season

17. The Cleveland Cavs will not have a 5 game winning streak the whole season

16. The WOW team? Sacramento Kings.

I See Where You’re Coming From…

15. Greg Monroe gives NBA people a Vlade Divac flashback

14. A bad injury to the Los Angeles Lakers….but it’s not Andrew Bynum

13. Derrick Rose gets overrated and some MVP hype.

12. Chris Paul will be inches away from being traded…only to be kept in New Orleans

11. The New Jersey Nets will look good with the improvement of Terrance Williams….and stupid for the movement for Chris Douglas Roberts

Now You’re trying to be funny

10.  Three 2010 2nd round picks ( Landry Fields, Jeremy Evans and Hassan Whiteside) out play ALOT of 1st round picks this season.

9.  The Dallas Mavericks begin the slide as age begins to catch up to them

8. Pack your bags, These players will be traded: Carmelo Anthony, Tyshaun Prince, Jeff Green, Andre Iguadala, Monta Ellis, Micheal Redd, Andries Biedrens, Chris Kaman, Tony Parker, Andre Miller, Shawn Marion and Devin Harris

7. We all fall in love with John Wall but Brandon Jennings will be shown to be the best point guard in the East

6. Blake Griffin will make the Clippers look really good. 17-9-1.5 plus he gets them to the playoffs

5. The Memphis Grizzlies will make the playoffs and become the ” I hope we don’t have to play them” team

VERY GUTSY ( I’m explaining these picks)

5. As Tim Duncan gets older….We marvel at the next great big man: Brook Lopez

– I’m gonna say it: Brook Lopez will put up monster numbers. I’m predicting: 24ppg, 13rpg and 2bpg. He will still have the defensive issues but I wouldn’t be shocked if as early as December, fans look at the 3 year big man as the next great big man.

4. Sophomore Slump: Meet Stephen Curry

-I think Curry is going to struggle this season. I see alot of defensive player aiming all the attention on him. Not to mention, the Monta Ellis factor will be back and that will lower some of Spicy Curry’s shots. ( I love when Dennis Scott uses the Spicy Curry line. Pure Gold)

3. The Biggest NBA Free Agent Is Not Carmelo

– Last season, I said Tracy McGrady would be the MVP of the NBA. He helped NY and Houston this past season. Now, I’m shooting for the stars. As the season continues and teams get worse and worse: Kevin Pritchard will be seen as the Big Free Agent in the NBA.

2. Wesley Johnson will be a top 3 rookie

– Call me crazy, I was wrong on Wes. Did you know he’s shooting 53% from 3 this preseason? We all look and laugh at Minnesota for thier offseason moves but the Wes Johnson pick might be a great pick not only for the upcoming season, but the next couple seasons. I predict 15ppg, 5rpg, 2apg and 46 % from 3

1. The Utah Jazz will make it to the NBA Finals

–  I love my Knicks, but I’m all in on that Utah Jazz team. Deron Williams has always stepped up in the playoffs. Raja Bell is a great defender ( he’s not the same shutdown defender but still a top 10 on ball defender). AK47 will be back again, in a exp contract season. I always been a Mehmet Okur fan. I expect some rust since he will be coming back in December.  The Al Jefferson addition was huge. I think he could come in right away and average 23-10 next season. Remember, he’s a year off the ACL injury.

Also, don’t sleep on that bench. Paul Milsap always plays well against any Western Conference team, other then Los Angeles. Ronnie Price and Earl Watson should be able to back up Williams well. C.J. Miles is a good slasher. Francisco Elson and Kyrylo Fresenko are big bodies. Fresenko looked good against Denver and solid against LA in the playoffs last season. Francisco Elson at the worst? 6 free fouls.  DON’T SLEEP on these 3 players: Gordon Hayward, Jeremy Evans and Ryan Thompson. I will say this Jeremy Evans could be another Paul Milsap type guy. He’s should be another body who’s going to rebound, play grity and test alot of players late in games. Gordon Hayward was a questionable pick to me, I think if Utah can bring him in slowly, he should be effective this season. Ryan Thompson should be able to replace Wes Matthews as the ” defense, 8-10 points” guy for Utah. I believe, if he makes the roster, Thompson could be very valuable for Utah.

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