January 10, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats center Byron Mullens (22) takes a break during a foul shot while his team plays against the Houston Rockets at Time Warner Cable Arena. Rockets win 82-70. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

The All NBA What Are They In the League For Team

Every time around this year the media puts out their collective predictions for year end awards. DOPY, ROY, MVP, First/Second teams, and much more. Generally we already know who is going to win said awards. But for every good award dished out, there is an equal and just as deserving awards needed to be given out. This is SirCharlesInCharge.com first annual “The All NBA What Are They In The League For Team”, or just the WatItLf team.(Try to say that out loud)

Also given out will be our predictions for “Worse Player Of The Year”, an award given out to a NBA player, who gets good minutes but stinks. The “I Am Still In The League”, an award given to someone nobody knows is still in the association. Our “Head Case Of The Year Award”, self-explanatory. We will finish off with the “Worse Coach in The League” award followed by the naming of the WatItLf team.

The winner of the Worse Player of the Year goes to: John Wall

This was a tough one. Just mentioning John Wall here will make people and their heads explode. Not many humans actually follow the Washington Wizards, so you are likely just going to remember Wall as the number 1 overall pick in last years draft. Sadly, if you are one of the humans who watch Wizards games(probably forced) you have seen the regression in Wall’s game.

Wall is a PG who can’t distribute and turns it over far to much. He averages just under 8 assists a game to go along with his eye-popping 4 turnovers. So for every 2 assists he turns the ball over o the other team. That is your facilitator doing this. While his FG% and PPG are just about the same, his inability to actually hit shots from the perimeter are fantastic. He shot an overwhelming 30% from deep last year, to a robust .081% this year. YOU can hit less then 1 out of 11 three point attempts. And trust me, it is not like people are up in his face at the 3 point line.

So congratulations to Mr. John Wall for you inability to get better. Or maybe it is the fact you play for the Wizards. Either way, good for you. You actually won something this year. Next award is coming up…

The Winner of the I Am Still In The League Award goes to: Jerry Stackhouse

If you are older then 9, you can actually remember a time when Stack was cool. He played at North Carolina where all kinds of highlights were created at the hands of Stackhouse. He has also had a pretty productive NBA career, averaging 17 PPG. Alas, Jerry is 37 now. Can you name the team he plays for? I will wait…It is the Atlanta Hawks, where he averages 3.5 PPG to go along with his 8.8 minutes per game.

While I can sit here and make fun of him for being old we are going to praise you Jerry. For having such a long and pretty solid career in the NBA. Sure, my kids have no idea who you are. Or the people who spent $1,000 dollars to sit behind you actually  think your the maintenance guy. But we here, at Sir Charles In Charge, commend you for being just mediocre enough to hang on in the league for 16 years. Up next….

The Head Case of The Year Award: Javale Mcgee

This was without a doubt the toughest award to give out. With such worth competitors as Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard, and Metta World Peace being just slightly behind. Mcgee has unreal talent. Okay, that is about it. He apparently has the mental capacity of a 3 year old who drank mountain dew. All year long his on the court escapades have been shown to us in highlight form. From running in the run direction, to fantastic attempts to score. Javale Mcgee has taken his god given talents and all but wiped them with his own rear-end. Tragically almost done…

Worst Coach Of The Year: Mike Brown

Brown is not getting this reward for actually being a bad coach. Plus he and the Lakers are doing a pretty good job all things considered. Brown is getting this award for his ability to bench superstars. I know it sounds like a compliment, but I assure you, it is not. The NBA is a star driven league, just ask Stan Van Gundy. So to think you can bench Jelly Bean Jr. then in turn bench Andrew Bynum and have a job next year, is more then deserving of this award. We are sure Mike Brown is a terrific coach, but in his second stop with ANOTHER superstar, the forecast calls for a sprinkle of genius and a chance of DOOM.

Now finally the naming of the WaTItLf team:

1st Team:

G: D.J. Augustine G: Kemba Walker F: Reggie Williams F: Derrick Brown C:Bismack Biyombo

2nd Team:

G: Matt Carroll G:Gerald Henderson F: Corey Maggette F: Tyrus Thomas C: DeSanga Diop

3rd Team:

Oh wait, stop it right there. It is the Charlotte Bobcats. Their entire roster has been voted to the coveted WaTItLf team. Congratulations to Michael Jordan and the complete Bobcats organization for making a mockery out of professional basketball and the way it is suppose to be run.

We hope to see you next year at the 2nd annual All NBA “What Are They In The League For Team” and other awards column. Until next year, we wish all award winners a safe and hopefully progressive off-season looking for gainful employment.


Joseph Nardone is a Writer/Blogger for Sir Charles In Charge. You can follow him on the twitter machine@JosephNardone


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