The New Orleans Hornets Win The NBA Draft Lottery: Conspiracy?

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After having just a 13% chance of securing the #1 pick, the New Orleans Hornets did indeed move up from spot #4 to #1 overall to win the NBA Draft Lottery last night.

How convenient.

The one team that is owned by the league itself somehow managed to move up the board and land the first pick in this summers NBA Draft.

I’m not one to be pointing fingers and so forth, but this seems too good to be true.

The Hornets organization has run the gamut of emotions this year. From having a favorable CP3 to the L.A Lakers trade get nixed by David Stern and league officials to eventually losing Paul to the Clippers, finishing the regular season with just 21 wins  and not finding a potential owner until late in the year, New Orleans has certainly been through it all in 2012.

Now the Hornets have finally struck gold and “received” some overall good luck and hope for the future. They will select first in the upcoming draft and no doubt take future star Anthony Davis out of the University of Kentucky.

I don’t have any proof of the matter, but something fishy is going on in the NBA.

Every year when the Draft Lottery takes place, there are always cries of conspiracy and fixing as far as the draft order. It’s natural. The whole process is so stupid, it should be eliminated entirely. The worst team in the NBA should pick #1 in the draft. It’s as simple as that. The Charlotte Bobcats just finished with the worst winning percentage in the history of the league (7-59) and they STILL couldn’t secure that pick. What a farce.

Despite being purchased by New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, he doesn’t actually take ownership of the franchise for another 2 months. At the time of the Lottery and even this writing, the Hornets are owned and run by NBA Commissioner David Stern. He isn’t exactly having himself the best year. The NBA lockout, the vetoed Paul trade and now the NBA lottery have all portrayed Stern in the bleakest of manners.

Owners, players and fans should definitely be curious as to how the Hornets wound up with the #1 pick. Chalking it up to the luck of the draw is too easy. There have been key moments in past lotteries that have made basketball fans believe that the drawing is rigged. How about the infamous 1985 lottery which the New York Knicks won? David Stern clearly moved other envelopes out of the way and selected the one with the bent corner. How about the 2011 NBA draft? In the summer of 2010, Cavaliers superstar Lebron James bolted town and headed to Miami. The following summer, the Cavaliers (who had less than a 3% chance of winning) vaulted up the rankings, won the #1 pick and drafted young point guard Kyrie Irving. Now we are seeing a similar situation in which the Hornets lose their cornerstone in Chris Paul and then leap up the draft order and land the number one pick. Coincidence?

I think not.

Some NBA theorists believe that perhaps the number 1 pick in the draft was promised to Mr. Benson to sweeten the pot so to speak so he would purchase the New Orleans Hornets.

It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? The Hornets weren’t exactly the most enticing of franchises to own. Promising Benson the number one selection and a chance to draft Anthony Davis could have been cherry on top for his purchase of the basketball team.

By the way, it didn’t help matters when a photo was leaked online by “Black Sports online” of Anthony Davis wearing a Hornets hat BEFORE the lottery.

Again, I and everyone else have no proof that the lottery is rigged. It’s all conspiracy “theories” at the moment. But when you look at the evidence and all of the subtle signs, how can you not think that something dirty is going on behind closed doors?

I suppose none of that really matters now. Anthony Davis will become a member of the New Orleans Hornets.

The reasoning behind how he wound up there will forever be a mystery. Was it just the balls bouncing the right way?

There is more to this story than meets the eye. I can’t shake that feeling.

Christopher Walder is a sports blogger and lead editor for Sir Charles in Charge. You may follow him on Twitter @WalderSports 

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  • JosephNardone

    I can’t believe you think this. If the Brooklyn Nets won the lottery would it still be a conspiracy? I mean they are moving to a new city. Or Sacramento, if they won, to keep them there. You can make the argument for conspiracy for a lot of the bad teams. Not to mention how many people outside of David Stern who would have to be a part of it. Yet no ex-angry NBA employees have come forward. Also owners would have to be in on it. You mentioned the Cavs and Lebron. So Lebron left the team and last night Dan Gilbert didn’t win the lottery. So wouldn’t that make him just angry enough to call out Stern? Plus despite Tom Benson now owning New Orleans, it’s still a small market. Which means low rating for nationally televised games. If the NBA wanted to rig it the number 1 should of went to the Nets for size of market. Did I mention if they were doing these things they would be BREAKING THE LAW and going to JAIL. I don’t think Stern would risk jail time for putting players on specific teams. His job is to more or less represent the owners. So he would be representing all the owners, past and present, doing these things. Chris I agree with you 90% of the time. This isn’t one of them.