March Madness 2013: 16 Facts You Didn't Know About All Sweet Sixteen Teams


The student section for the Wildcats have a plethora of game day traditions – too many to begin listing here.  My personal favourite: While the opposing team’s players are being introduced, the student section turns their backs to the court.  As each player’s name is announced, they yell “Sucks!”

Duke recently ran a bracket-style tournament to determine the most hated college basketball team over the last 30 years. The four regions were the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s……..and Duke! (Yes, Christian Laettner easily “won”)


The last 10 NCAA Tournament winners have ranked in the Top 20 in both Offensive AND Defensive Efficiency. The Gators are the only school ranked in the Top 3 in both categories.

Florida Gulf Coast

The Eagles are the second school to win their first two games in tourney play. The only other school is their Sweet 16 opponent, Florida, who accomplished the feat back in 1987.


If you were paying attention during the Super Bowl, you may have already heard this little nugget. Head coach Tom Crean is married to Joani Harbaugh…..sister to John and Jim, the first pair of brothers in NFL history to serve as head coaches (on top of facing each other in this year’s Super Bowl).


What’s in a name? In 2011, the town of Osceola, which is in Missouri, condemned the term ‘Jayhawk’.  HISTORY LESSON: Osceola had its largest population in the 1840’s when a band of Jayhawkers terrorized the town for two days of looting, arson, and murder. The town’s population has never been the same.

La Salle

The Explorers have an eclectic list of alumni including Hall-of-Famer Tom Gola, San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal, and Kobe Bryant……’s dad, ‘Jellybean’ Joe


Head Coach, Rick Pitino, has a long list of former Assistants and Players that have gone on to head coaching positions.  His coaching tree includes 21 former Assistants who went on to coach in the NCAA, 8 of which are current.


The Golden Eagles have played the toughest schedule than any other team in college ball this season, based on opponent’s defensive efficiency.


You probably know that standout Point Guard, Shane Larkin, is the son of Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Barry Larkin.  Growing up, Barry’s teammates, Tony Perez and Pete Rose, gave Shane hitting tips.  Shane’s Little League coach told him his training was all wrong, prompting Shane to quit and focus on Basketball.


Michigan’s history includes 100 years of college basketball and 50 athletes drafted into the NBA.  Knowing this, would you have ever guessed that Chris Webber has compiled higher scoring and rebounding averages than any other Wolverine alumni?

Michigan St.

After winning the NCAA Championship game in 2000 (RCA Dome in Indianapolis), the school purchased the floor and had it installed on their home court. So, the Spartans currently play on the same floor which they won their last championship on!

Ohio St.

When Aaron Craft isn’t hitting game-winning threes, he’s hitting the books! Craft was awarded the NCAA Elite 89 award for highest GPA during last year’s Final Four. He’s also the first student-athlete All-America honoree since 1968.


For over 80 years, Oregon’s nickname was the Webfoots. In the 40’s, Walt Disney allowed the University to utilize Donald Duck as their mascot. Not until 1978 did they finally change their name to the Ducks.


Coach Jim Boeheim is a Hall-of-Fame coach who currently sits third all-time in wins. But did you know he’s played himself in two movies? Blue Chips, with Shaquille O’Neal, and Spike Lee’s, He Got Game.

Wichita State

Before Cliff Levingston and Xavier McDaniel battled each other during the heyday of the Bulls-Knicks rivalry of the 90’s, they were teammates at Wichita State.  (Yes, that’s the extent of the Shockers’ alumni base.  Sorry, Antoine Carr!)

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