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Shaq Looks Back, Takes Jab At Pelicans

Shaquille O’Neal spent most of his NBA career being the most dominant force in the paint that, possibly, we have ever seen. His last two seasons, he’s been a face on Turner Sports — at the expense of the viewers.

Tiger Sports Digest caught up with the big man and asked him if he missed the game at all, his answer was pretty convincing.

“No, not at all,” O’Neal replied. “I don’t miss it because I was so used to playing at a super-high level. So when it went from a super-high level to a high level, that didn’t feel right to me. Then when it went from a high level to a just-like-everybody-else level, I knew it was time to go.”

[Tiger Sports Digest]

I guess it’s hard to miss the game, when the last five (or so) seasons he actually played he was just a shell of the dominant force he used to be. He also made time to poke fun at the new team name in New Orleans.

“That’s a terrible name,” O’Neal said of the Pelicans. “I told Charles [Barkley] on TNT that I don’t even know what a pelican looks like. I don’t even think I’ve seen a pelican. Is that the big white bird?”

You have to love Shaq. No matter how hard it is to understand him when he’s on TV.

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