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Oct 11, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey gives instructions to point guard Kyle Lowry (7) and point guard Dwight Buycks (13) against the New York Knicks at Air Canada Centre. The Raptors beat the Knicks 100-91. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Season Predictions Sure To Go Wrong

With the NBA season just around the corner, it’s time for me to put together a few predictions that I think are going to happen this season/offseason:


Kobe Bryant will average less than 25 points per game this season.

The last time Kobe averaged less than 25 points per game was 2003. I know this isn’t really going off on a limb, but the way the Lakers are structured they need him to be a scorer. Just don’t expect him to average more than 25.


Dwight Howard will win the Defensive Player of the Year Award

Everyone is down on Dwight Howard, but he will finally be 100 percent healthy this season (he wasn’t last season, let’s be honest). He is in the right position to have his best season in his career. He has, arguably, the best supporting cast he’s ever played with. He’ll be loose, having fun again and he’ll be back to being the defensive force he once was.


The Houston Rockets will finish in the top-3 of the West.

 Again, Dwight will have his best season he’s had in a long time, if not the best, and this is the best supporting cast he’s ever played with. They’ll win a lot of games.


The San Antonio Spurs will not.

The Spurs had a great season last season; let’s not forget that. Though, they’re bound to show their age sooner or later, right? I think that will start this season. The Spurs will be good, not great.


Jason Kidd will win the NBA Coach of the Year award.

The Brooklyn Nets will not gel from the go, at least not in my opinion. They won’t have the best of starts (especially if Deron Williams misses the beginning of the season). But no worries, Jason Kidd will right the ship. Kidd will push the right buttons, make the egos in that locker room work and get the Nets to the Eastern Conference Finals. Yea, I said it. ECF. COTY


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors will make the playoffs.

Cleveland has some really nice young talent. On top of that they have vets like Anderson Varejao, Kyrie Irving (the next big thing in the NBA) and a newly refurbished Andrew Bynum. They will make some noise, and if healthy, will make the playoffs. Heat vs Cavs, first round matchup would be epic.

The Raptors have some real nice talent on their roster (Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross) and if Jonas Valanciunas develops like many expect him to, they could makes some noise in the Eastern Conference.  


Pau Gasol will be named to the All-Star team.

People keep forgetting that the Lakers still have Pau Gasol and that this is a contract year for him. Gasol might be forced into being LA’s No. 1 option for some time this season and I believe he will thrive in that role. From what he’s shown in preseason, get ready for a big year from Gasol.


The Miami Heat will win a third straight NBA Title, and Michael Beasley will have a big hand in it.

 In the (Big Three) Heat’s first title, it was Shane Battier. Last season, it was Ray Allen. This time, if they win a third-straight title, it will be Michael Beasley. Miami is the prohibiting favorite to win their third-straight title and they’ve definitely re-loaded. Perhaps the biggest name (and talent) that they’ve added is Beasley. There’s no questioning his ability, it’s been his passion and behavior that has hindered his NBA career. He’s finally in a veteran locker room and he will finally get it. Beasley could be a super-sixth man on steroids (not technically) this season. Watch out.


The Los Angeles Lakers will land ZERO big fish free agents next summer. (Apart from Kobe)

No LeBron James. No Carmelo Anthony. The Los Angeles Lakers will not land any “BIG” name free agents. I’m talking about superstars here. Kobe will stay around, but I don’t think other superstars will be lining up to play alongside him. The Lakers will either be forced to build back up from within or via trade. Not free agency.


LeBron James will re-sign with the Miami Heat.  

LeBron James will opt-out of his contract with the Miami Heat, but will re-sign shortly after. I mean, why would anyone leave that situation — possibly three -straight championships and free agents lining up to play there. I think the only other real option out there for LeBron is to head to LA, but I just can’t see him teaming up with Kobe. It’s not going to happen. The Miami Heat dynasty will continue forward with The King.


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