Oct 23, 2013; Wichita, KS, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose(1) reacts after hitting a three-point shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder during the second half at Intrust Bank Arena. Chicago won 104-95. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

True or False: Derrick Rose's Improved Jumper


When it was reported that Derrick Rose had added distance to his jumper, many scoffed. Including myself. This is a guy that has made his NBA MO off driving, crazy crossover moves and insanely acrobatic finishes at the rim — certainly not by his jump shot.

But what he’s been doing in preseason should garner some attention. In preseason, Rose is shooting 52.2 percent (12-23) from three point range and nearly 51 percent from the field overall. Career-wise, Rose shoots 46 percent from the field and 31 percent from distance.

His career true shooting percentage is 53 percent and effective field goal percentage is 48.6, in preseason (6 games) Rose’s effective field goal percentage is 59.4 and his true shooting percentage is 68.4.


Obviously, no one is believing that Rose is going to shoot 50 percent from three this season or play an entire season with a 60 percent effective field goal percentage, but the fact that he’s performing this highly in real-time action, not scrimmages, should be valued to some extent.

Here’s his shot chart from the last full season he played in 2010-11 — his MVP season. I threw out 2011-12 because of, one, the lockout and, two, because he only played in 39 games.


During this (2010-11) season, Rose shot a career-high 33 percent from three. Interestingly enough, ever since his 09-10 NBA season, Rose’s overall overall FG percentage has dropped in every succeeding year.

His favorite spots to shoot the three are from the wings, right or left. However, last season (when I say last season I mean the 2011-12 for him) he shot worse from those spots than from dead center and the corners. Weird.


I’m not trying to say that Rose is a better spot up shooter than a dribble-dribble, pull-up shooter but it should be interesting to see how Rose does take his three’s this season. Will it be off the dribble, or off ball movement.

The comfort-level that he has with his jump shot now is night and day than before. I mean just look at it — the form, the release and the follow-through. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.
Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau recently talked about how much Rose has been shooting (with the injury and all) and how he’s pretty much expecting his shot to improve.

[via Inside Hoops]

“You can’t imagine how much shooting this guy has done,” Thibodeau said. “Last year, he wasn’t playing in the games but he was shooting. He shot every day before practice, then in practice, then after practice. Then he’d go to the game and shoot some more.

 I mean for the most part, Rose has been a streaky shooter, at best. There’s a reason why he’s still guard-able, because he’s never had a consistent jump shot in the past. But if he’s developed one, like we’re hearing and like he’s shown so far (in preseason), then he’s going to be unguardable. Like a mini-LeBron James. Wait, what?
This season could very well be Rose’s best season of his career.  This is his redemption year. Last season he was counted out, mocked and at the center of controversy. This season he very well may be the last man standing in the NBA. Who knows?
What we can bank on, though, is that he’s improved. That shouldn’t even be a question or concern. Ever since he got hurt, he’s been putting in the work that his legs couldn’t do onto his shot. He added distance and precision. Something so simple, yet so vital.
D-Rose is ready. I’m not sure the rest of the NBA is, though.
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