Oct 18, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose dribbles against the Indiana Pacers guard George Hill at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Buy or Sell: Eastern Conference Team's Playoff Chances

I think it’s pretty humorous that more than half of the NBA teams make the playoffs. Even though there are teams in each conference that probably don’t deserve a playoff spot, there’s nothing that the system can do. But I digress.

With that said I went by each team in the Eastern conference, and Western Conference, and decided their playoff hopes with either buying, selling or renting each team’s stock.

Here we go…


Atlanta – I’ll rent .

The Hawks might have enough to sneak into the playoffs but that’s about all they have. They lost their “superstar” this offseason and they really didn’t replace him. They still have Al Horford and added Paul Millsap but I’m not sold on their young pieces.

Brooklyn – Buy.

The “paper champions”. Of course I’m buying, give me all they’re selling. I think Jason Kidd will be an underrated coach this season and Deron Williams will finally get some well-deserved MVP consideration. The Nets will make a long run in the playoffs, if healthy. Key for them, though, is health.

Boston – Sell. Hard.

Apart from Rajon Rondo, the best thing on the Celtics roster is Kelly Olynyk’s hair. And Rondo probably won’t see the court until December.

Charlotte – Sell.

When does their name change back to the Hornets?

Cleveland – Buy.

Boy, I would’ve really liked this team if Andrew Bynum was healthy. Unfortunately, he’s not so I only like this Kyrie Irving driven team a little. They’ll make the playoffs if they play up to their potential and if they stay healthy. Also, is this the year that Irving finally takes the league by storm?

Chicago – Buy.

Derrick Rose is back. Derrick Rose is back. Derrick Rose is back. Is there really much else to say? Oh, yea. Derrick Rose is back.

Detroit – Rent.

I’m not entirely sold on this Pistons team, so I’ll keep an eye on them for a night or two. Though I really like Andre Drummond. He’s going to be a star in this league. I guess I can get on board with the whole Brandon Jennings thing. We’ll see. Oh, they have Josh Smith too? Well, this should be fun. Bad shot for you…bad shot for you…bad shots for everyone!

Indiana – Buy.

The Pacers nearly beat the Heat in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals. And they’ve gotten better this offseason. They return Danny Granger and added Luis Scola. They’re hoping to beat up teams. We’ll see if that works, again.

Miami – Buy.

LeBron James. Next.

Milwaukee – Sell.

It seems like Milwaukee does just enough to make the playoffs as a seventh or eighth seed. Not this year. Yeesh.

New York – Buy.

Anytime you have Carmelo Anthony on your team, you have a shot. No matter how injured or immature his teammates may be.

Orlando – Sell.

Very young, some nice talent but let’s be real.

Philadelphia – Sell.

Sixers fans are currently watching Andrew Wiggins highlight videos on YouTube. I’d rather do that than to answer this question seriously.

Toronto – Buy.

I’ll take a chance on Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan and Jonas Valanciunas. Plus, Toronto is due…right?

Washington – Buy.

How good does Bradley Beal look? Soon enough people in Washington are going to be forgetting that John Wall even plays for them. The Wizards are going to surprise a lot of people this season. They have sneaky talent. 

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