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NBA Buy or Sell: Western Conference Team's Playoff Chances


I think it’s pretty humorous that more than half of the NBA teams make the playoffs. Even though there are teams in each conference that probably don’t deserve a playoff spot, there’s nothing that the system can do. But I digress.

With that said I went by each team in the Western conference, and Eastern Conference, and decided their playoff hopes with either buying, selling or renting each team’s stock.

Here we go…


Dallas — Buy.

Oddly enough, I kind of like what the Mavs did this offseason. They brought in Monta Ellis and Jose Calderon to play with Dirk Nowitzki. Not the best of offseason moves, but not the worst of ones. They’ll make things interesting towards the bottom of that playoff race out west.

Denver – Sell.

It’s going to be a transitional season for the Nuggets. Brian Shaw wants to change the culture and it’s going to take a season-long effort. There will probably be some trades and some may not like it, but again it’s a process.

Golden State – Buy.

The Warriors have an opportunity to do something special this season. If they can stay healthy, they’ll have a good chance at coming out of the west. I’m interested in seeing what the next step is in Steph Curry’s progression.

Houston – Buy.

The worst this team will be is a playoff team. The best this team will be is an NBA Champion. Though, the distance between the two is far. If Dwight Howard returns to his old form, watch out.

Los Angeles Clippers – Buy

Doc Rivers is going to make a huge impact on this team. He’s going to actually integrate an offense and defense will be stressed. For once, I’m not afraid of picking the Clippers to make it far in the playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers – Sell.

I’ve gone on record saying that I think the Lakers are going to be better than people expect, but I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs at the end of the day. Not because they don’t have the talent, but because I just don’t think Kobe is going to comeback as the same player. Sad.

Memphis – Buy.

A lot of people will forget that the Grizzlies made the conference finals last season. They have a really nice roster and their game is made for the playoffs. Expect Memphis to drag through the regular season, but be a much bigger threat in the playoffs.

Minnesota – Buy.

Can we just have one season of health for the Wolves, please? Give me all of Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love. I’ll have it all.

New Orleans – Buy.

Perhaps the quietest good team in the NBA. They have Tyreke Evans coming off the bench. That’s how talented they are. #fearthebrow

Oklahoma City – Buy.

Kevin Durant. Next.

Phoenix – Sell.

The Suns are in full tank mode. They have Eric Bledsoe and then not much else. Can’t wait till 2014 to talk about the Suns!

Portland  – Sell.

Injuries have already hurt the Blazers and they’ll probably continue to hurt them all season long. LaMarcus Aldridge will probably get dealt midseason. It’s time to rebuild, Portland. Sorry.

Sacramento – Sell.

Again, they have some talent in DeMarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore, but that’s not enough. Not in the West.

San Antonio – Buy.

Man, when are these guys going to get old and fall back to the pack? Never. Not this season. Expect another top-three finish in the West out of the Spurs. Also, watch out for Kawhi Leonard. The sky is the limit for that kid.

Utah – Sell.

It’s now on your shoulders, Derrick Favors. The Jazz still doesn’t have that one superstar. They still haven’t replaced their Deron Williams, and until they do that, they just won’t be good enough. 


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