Nov 1, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Philadelphia 76ers point guard Michael Carter-Williams (1) battles for the ball with Washington Wizards point guard John Wall (2) and Wizards small forward Trevor Ariza (1) defends in the fourth quarter at Verizon Center. The 76ers won 109-102. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

RWB Power Rankings 11/3/13

Heeeeeelllloooooo Sir Charles In Charge readers! So, for you, this power ranking is new. For me, I’ve been doing this for a while now but at The Sixer Sense. What are the RWB Power Rankings?

It’s time for a history lesson. There may be a quiz later so be ready. Pay attention!

First off, “RWB” stands for “Red, White, and Blue”. No, I’m not trying to be patriotic. However, the original reason why I did this was to cover the Sixers. So, the Sixers’ logo/colors are red, white, and blue. And so, I decided to rank the teams that held these colors. When I first started, the Nets were part of it (yeah, this is my third year). The teams included are the Pistons, Clippers, Sixers, Hawks, and Wizards. Not a bad list of teams there.

I strive for unique team coverage and I’m sure you probably haven’t seen this before. And, here at SCIC, we strive to offer top content every single day. This weekly post is my contribution to this goal.

So, what’s in these power rankings? Welp, it’s the same with most power rankings you see from ESPN or I take a look at the record of the past week and rank accordingly. Of course, you also take account performances and such. A team with a worse record during a week can be higher. I’ll also be keeping track of an “RWB Record” which is their record against other RWB teams. For instance, Sixers just beat the Wizards on Friday. So, Sixers’ RWB record is now 1-0 and Wizards are 0-1. The records vs each other will also play a factor in ranking. We’re trying to find out which RWB team is the best in their “division” as well as in the league.

As the season goes on, I may make some improvements on the rankings. Also, look out for this hashtag: #RWBPowerRank It’ll catch on, right? I will list the team, rank, and last week’s ranking in parenthesis. I’ll summarize the week and then offer a prediction for the next week.

Well, that’s quite enough of all of this rubbish! On with the rankings!

Philadelphia 76ers 1 (-)

Week Record: 3-0

RWB Record: 1-0

Now, you could say “Sixers fan” but, c’mon now. A win over the champs and Bulls? That’s pretty special. Not to mention they beat a solid Wizards team. Michael Carter-Williams, Spencer Hawes, and Evan Turner have been key in all three games. MCW is already stirring up some ROY talks after having one of the best NBA debuts ever. I’m gonna take this and run. Sixers haven’t started 3-0 since 06-07. Interestingly enough, that same year was also home to a 18 game losing streak as the Sixers imploded and Iverson left/was traded and all of that. These are facts.

This next week, they have the Warriors, Wizards, and Cavaliers twice. I’ll bet Philly’s waiting for Bynum to visit. After this shocking week, I actually have no idea what to expect. Will they come back down to earth? Yup. Will it be this week? Probably. However, the first three games of the week are home. I think they only drop one; and it could be by the Warriors. They split with the Cavs and beat the Wizards again. So, my prediction is 2-2 for the week.

Los Angeles Clippers 2 (-)

Week Record: 2-1

RWB Record: 0-0

The Clippers’ first game was weird. I’m glad I watched. They lost to the Lakers after all kinds of preseason smack, including the Clippers covering the Lakers’ banners. Lakers will most certainly finish under the Clippers and are clearly not the better team. They still took the Clippers down because NBA. Clippers woke up and smacked the Warriors in the face. Expecting the Warriors and Clippers to be fighting for Pacific supremacy, this game may have been key. They then took out the Kings the next night.

This week won’t be easy for the Clippers. They have the Rockets twice, the Magic, and the Heat. Oh boy. Welp, I have a habit of betting that teams split close meetings so I expect that with the Rockets. They beat the Magic. Now, as for the Heat, they’ve looked a little…not championship-y. With the Clippers hungry, I actually think they can win. Yeah, get used to seeing some bold/crazy predictions from me. Clippers go 3-1.

Detroit Pistons 3 (-)

Week Record: 1-1

RWB Record: 1-0

Now, both the Hawks and Pistons had the same record. However, the Pistons have a better RWB record and so I’ll give them the nod. They beat the Wizards and lost to the Grizzlies at the buzzer…by a player who helped them win a championship. The Pistons, who I expect to be the second best in this division, still have some growing to do but their front court trio is scary. I hope it doesn’t get too overcrowded…

They have an interesting week ahead. They have the Celtics, Pacers, and Thunder. I say beat the C’s and lose to the Pacers. Side note: I’m excited on what could be a budding reemergence of the Pistons-Pacers rivalry. No fights, please. Anyway, they then beat the Thunder because no Westbrook is really bad news for a Thunder team that has no other scoring option it seems. So, 2-1

Atlanta Hawks 4 (-)

Week Record: 1-1

RWB Record: 0-0

Hawks had a decent week. They beat the Raptors and lost to the Mavericks. My boy Kyle Korver doing the thing from outside, now making at least one three pointer in 75 straight games. Ah, I miss that guy. Here’s a team that’s going to be in playoff talks but, ultimately gets eliminated late March. Cool story: In NBA 2K14, the Hawks drafted me so I’ve actually been spending time with this roster up close and personal. I’ll use my 2K experience to help me. Might not be smart though.

Hawks go up against the Lakers, Kings, Nuggets, and Magic. None of these teams scream playoffs, although Nuggets have a chance, I guess. Lakers with Kobe also have a chance. Anyway, Hawks are on the road for these first three games and I gotta go with two losses here. One vs the Lakers and then vs the Nuggets. They beat the Kings and Magic. 2-2

You’ll also learn that I have predicting losing records and especially winless records.

Washington Wizards 5 (-)

Week Record: 0-2

RWB Record: 0-2

Man, not only did the Wizards lose both games, but both games were against division rivals. Can’t do that. After that cool Marcin Gortat trade, the Wizards almost became a playoffs lock if you listen to some writers and fans. Still, losing both of these games is slightly alarming and I’m wondering if a change will come soon. I follow a few writers from the Wiz Of Awes staff, which is here at FanSided. It would appear it’s a coaching issue if you get their take on it. Heck, I used to be editor of a site that covered the Wizards so my eye has been on them for quite some time.

As you know, they face the Sixers. They also have the Heat and Nets. Yikes. I already gave the win to the Sixers. I don’t think they beat the Heat. And, like I said earlier, I hate predicting winless weeks. Boy. So, they beat the Nets. 1-2.

And that’s how it’s done. Thanks for stopping by and I trust if you are a fan of any of these teams, you liked my take. If you did or didn’t, hit the comments and tell me how ya feel.

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