Nov 16, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin (32) drives to the basket against Brooklyn Nets power forward Mason Plumlee (1) at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

RWB Power Rankings: Clippers Don't Lose; Wizards Don't Win

Another week of basketball down for the Sixers, Clippers, Wizards, Hawks, and Pistons. The question remains the same: Who’s the best?

As the weeks go on, ranking the teams becomes a little easier. This week was pretty easy to rank.

Los Angeles Clippers 1 (1)

Week Record: 3-0 (I predicted 2-1)

RWB Record: 0-0

Clippers have yet to face any divisional rivals. Still, going undefeated this week is a good step. They took out the T-Wolves, Thunder, and Nets at home. They won by a combined 17 points, which leads to roughly 5 point wins per game. So, while they won, they didn’t completely blow the teams out of the water. And, if they did, the other team came back to at least make the score look nice.

Keep this winning streak up this week will not be easy. You got the Grizzlies, rematches with the T-Wolves and Thunder, and then the Kings. I’m going to go with a 3-1 week, with the loss to the Thunder. Last week, I figured they would lose to the Thunder.

Atlanta Hawks 2 (3)

Week Record: 3-1 (I predicted 2-2)

RWB Record: 1-0

Hawks were following my prediction until they took down my Sixers. They beat the Knicks once after barely losing to them. Knicks owner actually said his Knicks would be the Hawks on their first meeting. Knicks won. But, Hawks get the last laugh as they, visiting MSG, came in and decimated the Knicks. Revenge is sweet, huh? Oh, and they beat the Bobcats too. Don’t forget about Kyle Korver’s 3 point shooting streak. He’s at 83 games in a row now.

And so, what does this next week have in store for the Hawks? Heat, Pistons twice, and round the week off with Celtics. It’s easy to say 2-2, with losses to the Heat and Pistons once. And so, I’m going with that.

Philadelphia 76ers 3 (2)

Week Record: 1-3 (I predicted 1-3. Yay)

RWB Record: 1-2

Sixers dropped down to 3rd place after starting these rankings in first. I would expect them to continue to fall after their latest loss. They lost by 37 to the Pelicans, trailing by as much as 39. They have fallen under .500 for the first time this season and it’s hard to imagine them going above it again. They got abused by the Spurs, surprised the Rockets, lost to the Hawks and then loss to the Pelicans and their scary mascot.

But, do they have a real shot at getting back over .500? This week has them facing the Mavericks, Raptors, Bucks, and Pacers. 2-2 is my first thought with the Sixers losing to the Mavs and Pacers. Bucks have been struggling with injuries and have overall been bland. Raptors, playing at a decent level, will probably be the most interesting match-up this week and the one that could throw my prediction off. Sixers, despite their losing record, are still in first place in the Atlantic Division. Yikes.

Detroit Pistons 4 (4)

Week Record: 1-2 (I predicted 2-1)

RWB Record: 1-0

First of all, for some reason, I thought the Pistons were facing the Nuggets last week and so my prediction was based off of that. I’m dumb. In any event, Pistons did follow the prediction against the other two teams so I feel a little better about myself. They beat the Kings and lost to the Blazers and Warriors. I mixed up the Warriors and Nuggets. Sigh. The Kings’ fans may be the loudest inside an arena in world history, but it didn’t phase the Pistons.

This week they face (And I’m sure of it this time, I swear!) the Lakers, Knicks, and you already know about the two meetings with the Hawks. In keeping with the Hawks prediction, Pistons split those meetings. I see a loss against the Lakers and a win over the struggling Knicks. So, 2-2.

Washington Wizards 5 (5)

Week Record: 0-4 (I predicted 2-2)

RWB Record: 1-2

For a team I thought would make the playoffs, they have looked tanky. Not sure what’s going on over there but, I’m guessing if things don’t change soon, perhaps we’ll get our first coaching firing this season. Coaches are always the first to go. Still early in the season, ya just can’t count them out yet. They lost to the Thunder, Mavericks, Spurs, and Cavaliers. None of them were completely bad games. Finishing games appears to be an issue.

Can they break this losing streak this week? It won’t be easy at the rate they’ve been playing. You got the T-Wolves, Cavaliers, Raptors, and Knicks. I can’t see them beating the T-Wolves. Maybe they can win the rematch of their OT loss against the Cavs but Wizards will be on the road. I actually don’t have a clue about the Raptors and so, just like with the Sixers, they are a wild card. The Knicks are struggling bad right now, but I can’t say Wizards will pounce on that. I have to go 1-3 this week, with a win either over the Raptors or Knicks. The Atlantic Division is not playing so well. Wouldn’t surprise me if Wizards dropped all four, to be honest.

Another week down. Let me know where you rank the teams. If you’re a fan of one of these teams, let me know how you feel about your team’s performance this season.

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