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Mike D’Antoni on integrating Kobe: ‘It’s a good problem to have’

The Los Angeles Lakers are not in a bad spot, really — you know, apart from being mediocre at 7-7 and in the 4th spot in the Pacific Division.

On Sunday night, after their latest win over the Sacramento Kings 100-86, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said that the Lakers have a good problem to have, when asked about the impending return of Kobe Bryant.

He also made it clear that Kobe will not play Tuesday against in Washington against the Wizards.

About a week ago, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Kobe Bryant was cleared from his torn Achilles injury and had returned to practice. Then, Kobe proceeded to inform reporters that he was “ahead of schedule”.

Still, I’m sure he just wants to get a few weeks of practice under his belt before he goes out and debuts.

It should be noted that Kobe has missed a couple practices due to “foot soreness”, which the Lakers have refused to call a setback. So we won’t.

I’m still betting on December 1. That’ll be Kobe’s debut.

But about that quote, Mike. The best player in the world? OKAY…

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  • hookedonnews

    I agree that pre-Achilles injury he was the best player in the league. We’ll find out if that still holds true post-Achilles. I wouldn’t count him out. LeBron is the only player close to him, and LeBron doesn’t have the mental makeup or the shooting ability that Kobe has. LeBron’s advantage is size and athleticism (and youth). Only Kobe & LeBron have the ability to pretty much win games all by themselves. Durant proved last season he can’t do that. Is Kobe still the same guy he was before the injury? I guess we’ll find out in December.