Dec 4, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Hawks power forward Paul Millsap (4) drives to the basket around Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin (32) in the second half at Philips Arena. The Hawks won 107-95. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

RWB Power Rankings: Pistons Play Well, 76ers Tumble, and Hawks Still Have Best RWB Record

Ah did you miss me? I bet you did. Well, we’ll be talking about two weeks worth of basketball. Are the Clippers still number one? What about the duel of the Sixers and Pistons? Can the Wizards finally get out of the freaking basement?

Los Angeles Clippers: 1 (-)

Week Record (past two weeks): 4-3

RWB Record: 0-1

Clippers keep the number one spot, even after losing to division rival Hawks. They beat the Memphis Grizzlies, which was huge since the Grizzlies have been able to beat the Clippers in the past two playoff meetings between the teams. I’m sure Clippers were enjoying that win. Other wins were part of a three game winning streak over the Bulls, Knicks, and Kings. Not a very impressive set of wins there in terms of indicating how good this team is.

This week they have another RWB battle in the 76ers, the Celtics, Nets, and then yet another RWB battle with the Wizards. All of these games are on the road. This road trip started last week and they are currently 1-2. I would imagine they would start the week off right against the Sixers. Last time in Philly, they nearly won by 40. Sixers are worse than last year’s squad, although last year’s team didn’t have as much heart as this team. I would imagine them losing to the Celtics as well. They beat the Nets and Wizards. So, 2-2. If the Clippers really want to take that next step to contention, you gotta win on the road against not so good teams. All four are winnable for a contender so we’ll see what happens.

Atlanta Hawks: 2 (-)

Week Record: 3-4

RWB Record: 4-1

Hawks beat rival Clippers, but not before losing to Wizards. Still, Hawks have the best division record and have faced all of the other members of the division. So, in all honesty, this team has proven to be the best so far. Still, they will sit in second place. If the Clippers struggle on the road and Hawks have a good week, I will seriously consider bumping them up.

This week isn’t going to be easy. They have the Thunder, Wizards, and Knicks. I can see an easy 2-1 with them beating the Knicks and Wizards while losing to the Thunder. If they do that and the Clippers go like I said, then we may have a new leader in these rankings.

Detroit Pistons: 3 (-)

Week Record: 6-2

RWB Record: 2-2

I’ve been waiting for the Pistons to rise up. Last rankings, the Sixers and Pistons were fighting for the number 3 spot. With these past two weeks of basketball, the Pistons are in serious talks for the number two spot. Not to mention they blew out the Sixers during this recent play so that played a part in my decision to place them over the Sixers. Pistons beat the Sixers, Nets, Bucks, Heat, Bucks again, and Bulls. They lost to the Bulls and Lakers. Really good weeks for them. They won by n average of 13.3 points.

This week they face the Heat, Timberwolves, Pelicans, and Nets. I don’t think they take the Heat again. They can tangle with the Wolves and Nets. I’m torn with the Pelicans. I’ll go bold and say win. So, 3-1 for the week. Mercy.

Washington Wizards: 4 (-)

Week Record: 4-2

RWB Record: 2-2

Wizards came from a poor start and are now just 9-10 on the season. In the past two weeks, they went 4-2. They beat the Lakers, Bucks, Hawks, and Magic. They lost to the Bucks and Pacers. Both games vs the Bucks went to OT so I guess that was fun. Wizards won first then Bucks came back. Their schedule isn’t hard and it’s not easy. It’s just right. You really can’t complain with their recent performance.

Can the Wizards keep climbing? They have the Nuggets, Hawks, and Clippers. It’s sure to be a RWB affair for these guys. With the Pistons and Hawks playing well, I’m not sure Wizards make it out this week. I think they beat the Nuggets. I already mentioned that I see the Clippers and Hawks beating the Wizards. 1-2 is the prediction.

Philadelphia 76ers: 5 (-)

Week Record: 1-5

RWB Record: 1-3

Oh, Sixers. Finally on that tank train? This team started at the number two spot for these rankings. And now, here they are, last place. Good chance this is their home for the rest of the season. They won only one game, a double OT over the Magic. Other than that, they lost to the Magic, Pelicans, Pistons, Bobcats and Nuggets. The average deficit in those losses were 14 points exactly. Consider that the Pistons won by 15, and they averaged 13 points more per win while Sixers on the 14 means that in their meeting, they played like they did for these past two weeks in a sense. Tough break for one of the highest scoring teams in the league. Yup, they are 10th in scoring. It’s the defense though as they lost by 7.3 points this season overall. So, they allow about 110 points per game. Not good. The leading scoring team, the Rockets) only averages 107.9 points per game.

Anyway, Sixers are in for a week. We know about the Clippers. They also have the T-Wolves, Raptors, and Blazers. Now, I said Sixers would lose to Clippers. Sixers have also lost 8 straight on the road and have generally looked bad. They visit the Wolves and Raptors. They come home to face a good, perhaps very good Blazers team. I can’t find a win anywhere and so, I have to go 0-4.

That’s it then. I plan on having an “Awards Race” type post up this week. Just like the NBA does with the MVP, ROY, and all the other awards, I’m going to set races for the players in this division. It’ll be fun. It’ll also probably be a monthly event, at least until late March when things will really be in talks. Thanks for reading. Peace.


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