NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers to retain Mike D'Antoni?

Good news, Lakers fans. It appears that your team is looking to retain Mike D’Antoni as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

It looks like that, even though the Lakers (25-49) are on an unprecedented pace this season (in a bad way), D’Antoni is still in the good graces of the Lakers front office. Either that or, you know, the Lakers don’t want to waste what looks to be another bad season (next year) on a good coach.

[Bleacher Report]

D’Antoni has one more guaranteed season left on his Lakers contract, and the club is leaning toward retaining him despite some privately disgruntled players and massive public disdain. It’s not clear which way the Lakers will go with him.

In other words, they’ll let D’Antoni struggle through another season before firing him just prior to the much talked about summer of 2015. Which I guess is better way of doing things rather than hiring a new coach this season, only to find out that Kevin Love (or any other top free agent) doesn’t want to play for said coach in 2015.

Either way, it looks like the Lakers could to get another season of Mr. Pringles.


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  • Paul J. Lorona

    I’m about to vomit. This is just horrible news to hear. I hope this is not true.

  • J Taylor

    Worst move by the front office.
    Pau doesn’t resign.
    Hill leaves.
    Kaman Leaves.
    Kobe is upset.
    They push out another year of mediocre basketball, waste one of Kobe’s last years, and are irrelevant in every aspect towards next year’s NBA championship. And, the team looks callous toward it’s players, fanbase, and lost its commitment to winning.
    Even more so, it could be construed as the team trying to save $…. The Lakers being “cheap”… Wowzers.

    This is the plan to attract top tier talent? Wouldn’t most players want to stay away from a dysfunctional front office that’s looking more and more like the second coming of James Dolan and Jerry Jones.

    • stucktrader

      It’s just a rumor at this point. But the way things are going… We will see who they draft… and maybe find a coach that can help that particular player…

      What better way to hire a coach… than finding someone like Steve Kerr… if Tibs doesnt leave Chicago… or Coach K doesnt leave Duke…

      In any case, he is someone who coached under Popovich and played under Phil… that is some serious pedigree…

  • Marty Susman

    That might make sense BUT think of Time Warner, think about the TV ratings and THINK ABOUT THE FAN’S !!!!!!!!!! This coach needs to be let go & the Lakers need t suck up the salary for the sake of the fan’s…(PLUS the coach “they need”, might go elsewhere if they decide to wait another year. I have no clue who that might be, George Karl, Byron Scott, Jeff or his brother, BT one thing is sure, they all will not be available if the Lakers wait another year….

  • Manuel

    I guess I won’t being going to any games next year either . Very disappointed . How the buss family are taking over after the loss of there father .