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NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving denies that he doesn't want to be in Cleveland


A few months ago, a report surfaced that Kyrie Irving was unhappy in Cleveland. He later denied it.

Yesterday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst took that report a little deeper with his chat with “Cavs: The Blog” (Robert Attenweiler).

The truth is [Kyrie’s] camp has been putting out there for years – years – that he doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. That they don’t want him in Cleveland. He doesn’t like Mike Brown. He didn’t like Chris Grant. He doesn’t like Dion Waiters. He’s already gotten a General Manager fired. He might get Mike Brown fired. This is the last time – once he signs he loses all of his leverage – so this is the last time he gets to enact leverage. I know he’s said all the right things so, fine, on July 1, when they offer a max contract – which they will – and I don’t even know if he’s a max player, but you have to sign him – sign a five year, no out. That’s what a max contract is. A max contract is five years, no out. If you want out or you want three years, that’s not a max contract. You want three years? Okay, we’ll give you $12 million a year. We’re not giving you the full thing….

I think this is very elementary from Dan Gilbert’s perspective. If Kyrie wants to play for Team USA, he’s going to have to do his deal before mid-July when he goes to play for it and he’ll either take the five years or he won’t. If the answer is “no” to five years, he goes on the trade block. Period. I think it’s pretty simple.

The basis of the Q&A was the fact that Windhorst still has deep ties in the Cavaliers pipe lines, from when LeBron James played there. But, of course, Irving wasn’t just going to let something like this slip out and sit quietly.

Just like he denied the first reports of his dissatisfaction in Cleveland, Irving is denying this report as well. However, he’s being a little more adamant about it — and taking it to Twitter. Because you know someone is serious once they take something to Twitter.

In all actuality, we honestly don’t really know what is going on in Kyrie-land. The report could be true or it could be completely false. But I don’t think what Irving did is wrong, I just don’t believe many are going to take him for his word.

This is going to be a topic of conversation until Irving either puts pen to paper and signs a long-term contract extension or until he gets traded or requests a trade.

But I’ll let you decide. Who do YOU believe?


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