NBA Rumors: Lakers Potential Coaching Replacements Emerge

Mike D’Antoni finally stood up for himself against the big bad Los Angeles Lakers.

He didn’t want to be a lame duck coach for another season, without a guarantee of a 2015-16 contract. The Lakers didn’t want to exercise that option, so D’Antoni did something that no one really expected him to do.

He resigned.

At the end of the day, it’s what both teams wanted anyways. No harm no foul.

According to ESPN, the Lakers will begin the coaching search immediately. Though, their immediate focus is on the NBA draft and free agency. Of course, because if you build a team a coach will come. That’s the saying, right?

In other news: one person that was extremely happy with the MDA resignation was Magic Johnson. Maybe a little too excited.

I mean, what did MDA ever do to Magic?

Anyways, who do the Lakers target? At this point, it could be anyone. Really.

The Lakers have not settled on what type of candidate they will be looking to hire, according to a team source.

“It could be a young, up-and-coming guy, it could be a low-cost coach on a short-term contract, it could be a big-name coach on a big-money contract,” the source told’s Dave McMenamin. “It could be anyone.”

But the Lakers do not expect to have a coach in place prior to the draft lottery on May 20, according to the team source, as the pick they land in June’s upcoming draft — which will be anywhere from No. 1 through No. 9 — will surely shape what kind of coach the team will be looking for.

And speculation is already beginning to emerge — or perhaps, just rumors.

Steve Clifford, perhaps? I’m sure they’d be able to pull the rug on the Bobcats, who will be the Hornets this fall, right?

Doc Rivers? I mean, maybe?

Lionel Hollins? Anyone remember that dude?

Please let it be Tyronn Lue…please!

But it definitely won’t be Stan Van Gundy. No way. Too much uncertainty.

This seems like a “hopeful” list. A wish list even. But it’s a start, I guess.


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