May 30, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) shoots between Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) and guard Lance Stephenson (1) during the first half in game six of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat blow out Indiana Pacers; advance to NBA Finals


The Miami Heat started the game off slow. The Indiana Pacers were up 9-2 and it looked like the Pacers were all about that game 7.

And then LeBron happened.

Not only LeBron, but the entire Heat team that played in the first quarter snapped and took over. If we’re being honest, the game looked like it was over by the second quarter. And the Heat won 117-92. And…it wasn’t that close.

Let’s talk about some stats before we go into some of the on court drama that happened.

James played in only the first three quarters because it was clear he was not needed for the 4th. So, in his three quarters, he scored 25 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and had 6 assists. Chris Bosh also scored 25 points while getting 8 rebounds.

For the first half, it was Lance Stephenson and David West leading the way for the Pacers. They shot well. Paul George’s stat line would lead you to believe that he made a serious impact on the game despite a loss, but, for most of the game, he seemed to be quiet. It wasn’t until the game was clearly decided that he started racking up points. He ended up with 29 points, and 8 rebounds. He also had a couple of steals and assists.

Great stuff for the Heat and…uh…

I’m allowed to talk about watching a team get blown out because my team (Sixers) tied their own historic mark in losing by 40 points for games in a row in a season. So there. But, for you Pacers fans, I feel for ya.

LeBron and Lance were having a few moments. A few…facial moments.

First, is started off with LeBron hitting Lance in the face as Lance came down after taking a shot. In fact, LeBron’s hand was perfectly placed on Lance’s face.

And so, Lance retaliated with a random smack on LeBron’s face, which lead to James walking up to Lance saying something (I couldn’t tell and my research led to a dead end). They had to be separated.

lance smacks lebron

All night, as I saw on Twitter, these two had a few more moments where it was mostly Lance trying to get under LeBron’s skin. It didn’t work out.

Lance, in accordance to the people I follow on Twitter, has established a “bad boy” reputation. A dirty player of sorts. And, I guess it was a matter of time before somebody set him in his place. Udonis Haslem of the Heat seemed to offer that as he was seen saying to Lance during a dead ball “I’m gonna f-ck you up. That’s real.” Uh-oh.

Haslem did play. But, Lance was on the bench by that time. And, if Haslem was serious, that might have been a good thing for the Heat. In any event, that threat seemed legit.

There was also another moment in the game involving Lance that got him a technical foul. There was a run for a loose ball. Norris Cole and Lance were running for it. Cole got control and Lance was swinging his hand to try to get the ball and ended up hitting Cole right in the head/face.

And there the debate came. Was he aiming for Cole, or was he truly making a play for the ball? The ESPN broadcast brought in a ref who said that intent meant nothing in ruling on that call. And so, in the end, I guess that part doesn’t matter. For me, I felt Lance was making a play for the ball. My opinion. His reputation may sway others to say “Lance being Lance”, but I can’t say I felt it there.

Lastly, as a Sixers fan, I am going to mock one more time. I remember so many comments when Even Turner was traded to the Pacers. Many of these comments (and I’m only counting national and local writers/bloggers) who said that, with Turner, the Pacers would be serious. I can only laugh. Sixers fans/bloggers already knew what Turner was about. But, hey, he only spent one half of a season with them. If Lance is off the team, maybe Turner gets some burn and Sixers fans will be wrong about him. It’s telling that everybody from both benches got to play in the game tonight except Turner. Was he hurt?

Anyway, the Pacers are gone. They are the victims of the Heat for three years in a row. Will they keep the team together, or is it time for drastic changes? And what about the Heat? 4th year in a row in the finals is rare as they are only the 3rd team to do it. The Celtics did it twice, and the Lakers did it once so the Heat make it four times.

Keep it here on Sir Charles In Charge for the end of the Spurs-Thunder series and the NBA Finals. Should be fun.

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