Apr 12, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Joe Prunty (left) and head coach Byron Scott stand on the court during a timeout in the fourth quarter against the New York Knicks at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers: Who Should Be The Next Coach?

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As we are approaching closer to the 2014 NBA Draft and NBA Free Agency, it is surprising to everyone that the Los Angeles Lakers may enter both off-season events without a head coach. Many people, including NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley believe that coaching the Los Angeles Lakers is indeed a “bad job”. According to Dan Hixman of the Reno-Gazette Journal, when asked if he would coach the Lakers, Barkley replied with the following statement:

“You don’t take bad jobs. You’ve got — your best player is 40 coming off a bad Achilles and knee surgery. That’s not a good job right now. So, no, I just don’t think you take a bad job.”

The biggest reason why the Lakers are struggling to find a new head coach is because there isn’t many qualified coaches left available. This isn’t just a regular NBA team in search of a head coach, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. The pressure will be on early and often and some coaches shy away from that kind of pressure. Brian Kamenetzky of the Land O’Lakers recently examined L.A.’s unwillingness to seriously consider first-time coaching candidates:

“In the end, their patience might pay off. In absolute terms, the Lakers don’t lose much by waiting to see what happens in the early days of free agency. And while this sort of attitude reinforces their lack of a strong philosophical vision for their next coach, losing one of their preferred candidates to another team simply means moving down the list another spot. There aren’t enough vacancies around the league to lose them all.”

As of right now, the front runner for the job is former Laker himself Byron Scott. He reportedly had his second interview with the Lakers June 10th. Scott has seemed very interested in the Lakers head coaching vacancy, so why isn’t he hired yet? Recently with the hires of Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni, the Lakers are now more cautious about who they hire since they will be thinking long term as they prepare for life after Kobe.

Other candidates for the head coaching vacancy for the Lakers include; Lionel Hollins, Kurt Rambis and Mike Dunleavy. The most intriguing thing about all of these coaches is that they are defensive-minded, and run post-driven basketball philosophy, which is what Kobe prefers.

Whoever is chosen to coach the Lakers, which many think it will ultimately be Byron Scott, will be in charge of directing the 16-time NBA Championship Los Angeles Lakers into a new direction–winning.

With plenty of cap room, great atmosphere, and a winning atmosphere in Los Angeles, it shouldn’t be hard to find a new coach or bring in new players to help rebuild this franchise into a winning one once again.

First things first, the Lakers need a new coach.

Who Will Be The Next Coach Of The Los Angeles Lakers?

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  • Ron

    Barkley is right “Bad Job”. No future superstars a lot of old legs & old egos. Unless you demand respect by having 11 championship rings & coached the greatest player of all time (i.e. Jackson) no one will listen to anything you have to say. Even Byron with his 3 rings will have a very hard time as most players assume anyone who played with Magic & Kareem would have the same.

    • Dedrick Hendrix

      Thanks for reading!

  • J Taylor

    Scott will be the next HC unless a Superstar comes to LA and demands a different coach.

    At this point, we can assume that Scott and the front office are assembling a staff, and waiting until early June to announce things.
    But, Scott needed help in NYC and relied on his staff heavily…. Can the team assemble an all star coaching staff? The team gave Mike Brown a lot of great compliments can they do the same for Scott?

    - Hollins : Defensive Guru
    - Rambis : All Purpose Lakers Guru
    - ????: Offensive Guru

    • Dedrick Hendrix

      I like your thinking! Thanks for reading!

  • Anthony Hollins

    It’s hard to not pick Hollins as the best candidate for the job. Aside from his pedigree, he’s proven that he knows how to get the most out of the talent he is given. That’s a huge plus given the Lakers current situation. Also, I wouldn’t call Hollins’ offensive philosophy post oriented, that’s just what the talent dictated. If you’re two best players are two of the best big men in the league, you’d be an idiot not to build your offense around them.