Feb 1, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) and Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) stand side by side during the fourth quarter of a game at Madison Square Garden. The Heat defeated the Knicks 106-91. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency Roundup: Hello Decision Day?

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And on the ninth day of NBA Free Agency, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony finally announced their decisions — not exactly, but you have to give today a decent chance of it getting done.

With LeBron James meeting with Pat Riley later today, a decision could come as soon as today — or at least something has the potential to get leaked. Then again, LeBron’s camp has done an exceptional job of keeping everything underwraps so that is probably an unlikely scenario.

Still, one can dream.

In any case, here is the NBA Free Agency roundup leading up to what could be…DECISION DAY:

The Charlotte Hornets and Gordon Hayward have agreed to a max contract offer sheet.

The Utah Jazz are expected to match.

Twitter was spreading a story that Nike had bought some billboards in Cleveland to promote LeBron James’ return. That report/story was false.

Warriors are willing to sign and trade Jordan Crawford – Nets, Bulls, Mavs, Lakers and Knicks have all shown interest. 

Dallas’ No. 1 free agent targets are now Chandler Parsons followed by Luol Deng, potentially.

LeBron to New York? That’s Carmelo’s plan, apparently —  [New York Post]

This is Carmelo Anthony’s “dream” — play in New York with LeBron James this season. That’s right. New York. Not Miami. Too bad it’s a long shot to happen. According to a friend of Anthony’s, Melo has held out faint hope Knicks president Phil Jackson can pull a miracle and clear out the necessary salary-cap space to get it done, but he is running out of time. Anthony’s decision could come in the next couple of days… …“He really wants LeBron to come to New York,’’ the source said. “That’s his dream right now. Phil is trying to get it done.’’


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  • Julie CzerwinWeaver

    That is why Phil has been trying to make cap space, I noticed he was all the sudden he is trying to hurry and do some deals. This is very possible. However, I did not realize it was suppose to be, in 2008, Melo, LeBron, and Wade in 2012. Those three were the ones that were suppose to play together, not Bosh (apparently they had plans to play together when their next contracts where available to opt). Melo decided to take his own route with New York etc from Denver. Now looks like Melo and Bron are atleast trying to make this happen.
    Let’s not forget about my Bulls! Bring it on New York, darn it, I cannot blame Gar/Pax for not bringing superstars. I blame the location. However, looks like we get our superstars in the draft (like Jordan, Rose & Noah) and we may need to get someone some genius that can recruit. That is what it will take.