NBA Offseason: SCIC Roundtable - Part 1

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(Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Staff Writer Morten Jensen who contributed greatly to this post with the generation of topics, compiling of information and structure.) 
It’s been an active summer. One that brought a tremendous talent injection into the league through the depth of the 2014 Draft, one that saw the Eastern Conference improve the balance of competitiveness against the West, and one that saw the league’s greatest player come home.

As basketball observers and writers, we all have our own preferences when it comes to team building as well as which rookies we root for, when they enter the professional ranks of the NBA. Because of that, we decided to stand together through our uniqueness and present to you our views on the NBA offseason.

We won’t agree. We will undoubtedly contradict each other. But that’s the point. We wish to give you what we hold most dear; our personalities.

Starting today and over the next four Mondays, we will all answer five questions, in our own way, as well as give you a section of ourselves in which we bring something up that we each want to talk about. We hope you’ll follow along, because we can’t wait to get started.

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