The Tuurrible Ten: Biggest Stiffs In The NBA


Earlier this week a commenter with the screen name of MrSuspenders (or perhaps it was DeathWarmedOver) asked why NBA teams pay millions of dollars a year to players that barely contribute anything of value to a team’s success.  The answer is simple:  Stupid General Managers.

For example, the main reason why the Milwaukee Bucks were forced to give Richard Jefferson away a few hours ago was because of ludicrous contracts doled out by former GM Larry Harris to players the caliber of Dan Gadzuric.  Current Bucks General Manager John Hammond should have gotten something of value from the San Antonio Spurs for RJ (like promising young point guard George Hill), but I’ll save that rant for another day.

Without further ado I now present the biggest stiffs in the league along with their respective salaries and scoring averages from last season:

-Sir Charles

10)  Jared Jeffries          $6.0 million     5.3 ppg

9)    Etan Thomas           $6.8 million      3.1 ppg

8)    Brian Cardinal          $6.3 million      3.0 ppg

7)    Brian Scalabrine     $3.2 million      3.5 ppg

6)    Mark Madsen           $2.6 million        .3 ppg

5)    Kwame Brown         $4.0 million     4.0 ppg

4)    Marko Jaric             $6.6 million       2.6 ppg

3)    Dan Gadzuric           $6.2 million      4.0 ppg

2)    Kenny Thomas       $8.5 million         .8 ppg

1)    Jason Collins            $6.2 million      1.8ppg

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