Bottom Bin: What’s Left of the NBA 2010 FA Class


Now with all the major free agents are signed and already being slotted on thier teams for season previews, we still have many solid players without a contract. Remember, a NBA team is not only the superstars like Kevin Garnett and LeBron James but past champions had players like James Posey and Jason Kapono coming off the bench to fill a solid bench role. Here are just some of the top free agents left on the market

Rasual Butler ( 2009 team: Clippers)

Butler isn’t a starter by any means. He could be a very solid scorer off the bench. At 31, he did produce back to back 11 point seasons.

Craig Smith (2009 team: Clippers)

A young, tough nosed player who could provide a strong inside presence. He’s undersized but could produced 11 points and 3 rebounds last season in limited minutes.

Carlos Arroyo (2009 team: Heat)

Arroyo is a solid backup point guard. He averaged 6 points and 3 assists in 22 minutes for Miami last season, even taking away the starting job from Mario Chalmers.

Matt Barnes (2009 team: Magic)

Spot starter, strong defender and a solid 3 point shooter. Barnes is also a decent rebounder. Barnes could be someone similar to Tony Allen was for Boston in the 2008 championship season.

Chris Hunter (2009 team: Warriors)

He’s not a big name like anyone else on the roster but Hunter is a solid post defender and could help a team who needs some grit inside. He won’t provide alot of points (4 points in 2009) but is tough around the basket.