Hasta La Vista Deron Williams


It’s not official by any means, but the “soon to be” Brooklyn Nets can kiss their star point guard good-bye.

He’s going to leave. He’s not going to resign with the team.


So long.

Farewell Sir Williams. It was nice knowing you.

I might be a little over-dramatic, but at least I speak the truth. All of you optimistic New Jersey Nets fans (all three of you) who truly believe Deron Williams wants to remain with the Nets long-term need to stop living in your little fantasy worlds and start facing the harsh reality of the situation. 

Deron Williams wants to play for a winner. He wants to play for a team that offers him the opportunity to win NBA Championships sooner rather than later. 

You can add him to the list of 8-10 superstars who have come out publicly and held their franchises ransom for more help in exchange for them not looking for work elsewhere.

Williams has already told the media that he will become a free-agent this summer, which will give him the option to sign with any team he chooses (“cough” Dallas Mavericks “cough”) and leave New Jersey/Brooklyn high and dry.

It’s not like the Nets have given Deron many reasons to stay in the first place.

Only the Charlotte Bobcats (7-40) and Washington Wizards (11-38) have worse records than the Nets (16-35) in the Eastern Conference.

Need I say more?

The team tried to surround Williams with the best talent available at the very least. There was a lot riding on Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard’s decision on where he would be playing next season. It seemed like a sure thing that Howard would leave Orlando and sign on with the Nets this offseason if he wasn’t dealt at the trade deadline. Instead, Howard chose to stay the final year of his contract and remain a member of the Magic through the 2012-13 season.

Hearts of Nets fans (again, all three of you) simultaneously sunk.

Dwight Howard was their ticket to the top. He was going to be the main reason for Deron Williams resigning with the team. A combination of D-12 and D-Will could have run rampant over the Atlantic Division and given teams like the Bulls and Heat a run for their money.

What do Nets fans end up with instead?

Gerald Wallace. “yawn”

No disrespect to Gerald Wallace, who is a solid player in his own right, but he isn’t Dwight Howard. Wallace is the kind of player that could put you over the top if you already have a solid foundation of players to begin with. The Nets need way more than Gerald Wallace to become contenders in the Eastern Conference. At least Dwight Howard would have given the team the opportunity to be competitive.

I also forgot to mention that Wallace can also leave this summer as a free agent as well. Go figure.

In the process of acquiring Wallace at the deadline, the Nets gave up a first round pick in what is considered to be a very deep and promising draft this summer.


The core of young players this team has (Brooks, Lopez, Farmar, Morrow, James) does have some promise, but promise doesn’t always equal wins. Williams wants to win. He will find that luxury signing with any team he wants. He obviously won’t latch on to a team that’s in rebuilding mode.

The Dallas Mavericks appear to be the favorites to sign Williams this summer. Deron is a hometown boy who would clearly love to play in the state in which he grew up in. The Mavericks can also offer Deron a max offer which just sweetens the pot even more. The roster may be growing in age, but the team does have a history of winning which the Nets……do not.

If Williams chooses New Jersey over Dallas this summer, I’ll be stunned.

I’m fairly confident (clearly) that a return to New Jersey/Brooklyn is not in the cards for Deron Williams. In fact….


How’s that for confidence?

What do you think? Should Deron Williams stick it out with the Nets long-term? Is he better off signing elsewhere? Could you care less? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. 

Christopher Walder is a sports blogger and lead editor for Sir Charles in Charge. You may follow him on Twitter @WalderSports