Would Nash Take His Talents To South Beach?


Steve Nash on the Miami Heat?!!!

Ladies and Gentleman…..the rich may soon get richer.


2-time MVP Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns will become an unrestricted free agent this summer. In the minds of many basketball purists, Steve will leave Phoenix and go sign with a team which has bigger championship aspirations.

He has remained loyal to the Suns organization for almost 10 years and has earned the right to leave the team that he put on the map in hopes of winning something that has alluded him his entire career.

An NBA Championship.

I am a big fan and supporter of Steve Nash. I’ve always respected the way he’s condoned himself on and off the basketball court. As far as having a professional athlete as a role model goes, there is no one better to look up to than Nash. He’s a good-will ambassador and a Canadian Hero.

I want Steve to become an NBA Champion. There have been many great superstars in the history of the National Basketball Association who have gone entire careers without winning the big one (Ewing, Miller, Barkley, Malone etc.). I don’t want Nash to join that list.

Recently on an episode of “The Dan Patrick Show”, Nash talked about the idea of him possibly joining the Miami Heat as a free-agent this summer.

“I’d listen. I love what they’re doing there. I have a tremendous respect for them and I’d definitely listen.”

His answer was extremely vague. It didn’t reveal anything really. He was diplomatic in his response and didn’t reveal any specifics about what his final decision would be. Why would he? He will have an abundance of teams to choose from and plenty of time to decide.

The Heat would appear to be the safest choice though. Just imagine Steve Nash (12.9 points, 11.8 assists) on a team with Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. Playing with the “Kings of South Beach” would present Nash with the very best opportunity to win an NBA Championship right away.

At 38 going on 39 years of age, his time is drawing to a close. It’s now or never for Nash.

Nash would be an absolute godsend to the big three of Miami. Steve makes everyone around him better. It’s not that those 3 stars need that big of a boost on the court, but having Nash carry and distribute the ball and dish pin-point passes to those 3 megastars would make the Heat virtually unstoppable.

Do the Heat really need him though?

Not necessarily, but he certainly wouldn’t hurt them. Lebron James currently has the role as distributer for the Heat. He’s the one who has the ball in his hands the majority of time and plays with a style that resembles a hybrid passing point guard and slashing forward. If Nash joins the roster, that role will no longer be required of James. It will be Steve who is the one finding his open teammates on the court, not James. If Lebron can accept that and learn to be the “receiver” instead of “the quarterback”, then it should work out just fine.

Would the fans accept Nash as a member of the Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat are pure evil. No one around the league (accept residents of Miami) want the Heat to succeed and win the championship. Nash signing on with one of the most despised teams in sports would certainly hurt his public image, if only just a little.

Steve Nash is the underdog who came out of nowhere to shock the world and make a name for himself on the global stage. The big three of Miami are like the bullies you used to go to elementary school with who banded together to terrorize others because there is strength in numbers.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Nash join the Heat, but I’m slightly biased because I really want him to get that ring. If he believes the Heat give him the best odds, then may god be with him.

Obviously all of this is hearsay right now. Nash is a member of the Phoenix Suns (who are still involved in the Western Conference playoff hunt) and not a free-agent as of this writing (obviously). He could end up with the Heat, but he could also end up with 28 other teams including staying in Phoenix.

The only person who knows where Steve Nash will be playing basketball next season is Steve Nash.

What do you think? Should Steve Nash consider playing with Miami? What other teams do you believe could be championship contenders if they were to add Nash to their roster? Will Nash shock everyone and end his career in Phoenix? Leave a comment below!