Aggressive Bosh Helps Miami Heat Even Series With Spurs

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Shot #1

With the Spurs clicking early, Bosh gets the ball on the wing and attacks Splitter directly. He starts the dribble with his right hand, forcing Kawhi Leonard to hedge slightly off LeBron but it doesn’t matter. Bosh is locked in by this point. He spins left into the lane, Marco Belinelli (in for Danny Green, who had picked up two quick fouls) moves over to double but it’s no match. Bosh has the advantage and finishes the play with a nice left-handed jump-hook. Had the double come from say Tim Duncan, Bosh might have been able to pass to a wide-open James in the corner. Or, with Belineli sliding over, his back was turned to Wade who might have been able to finish the shot. Great play.