Word is born: The New Orleans Pelicans are legit! (Video)


The New Orleans Pelicans have arrived, and they’re for real

After five games, the New Orleans Pelicans are off to a 3-2 start. Although that’s nothing to wow about, they are coming off of an impressive road win against the defending champs!

Future MVP, Anthony Davis, is playing out of this world with stats that are compared to the greats. In the first five games of the season he’s been averaging 24.4 points, 12.8 rebounds, 4.4 blocks, and 2.2 steals in 36.9 minutes per game. Yes, those numbers pop off the screen, but he’s had plenty of help.

Former rookie of the year, Tyreke Evans, has been one half of the New Orleans Pelicans one-two punch; jumping out to a hot start averaging 17.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 5.8 assists in 35.8 minutes per game. He’s been lights out in the second half of every game, handling the ball in pressure moments and quarterbacking the Pelicans’ offense.

In the loss against Dallas, Eric Gordon had 0 points and four turnovers in 34 minutes. I don’t want to point fingers, but I will. It was a frustrating night watching a guy who’s getting paid $14.8 million this season to go 0-6. I thought basketball was a 5-on-5 game, not a 6-on-4 game.

In the loss against Memphis, the New Orleans Pelicans had a whopping total of two fast break points. The pace was so slow the entire game. It was dreadful watching them go 19 of 29 from the free-throw line. It seemed as if every time they came close, they found a way to blow it. When it was 54-60, Tyreke stripped the ball from Mike Conley and blew an open layup, just for Vince Carter to come back and hit a three pointer. It was painful to watch all game; needless to say they played Memphis basketball for 48 minutes.

In the three wins this season, all I see is promise. Ryan Anderson has been playing well coming off the bench, and so has Austin Rivers. Yes, Austin Rivers. They’re providing the spark that’s needed if the Pelicans want to reach the postseason. We all know Ryan Anderson can shoot the lights out, hence his nickname “Flamethrower”, but teammate Austin Rivers has not only been penetrating the paint this year, he’s been finishing! Shooting 50 percent from the field, he’s slowing regaining the trust of head coach, Monty Williams.

I know it’s only five games into the season, and I’m trying not to live in the moment, but I’m really impressed with what I’ve been watching. After all, Eric Gordon finally showed up in last nights win over the Spurs. He’s had a miserable first four games, shooting 7 of 34, but he bounced back with a solid 14 points and 0 turnovers. As a team there’s a lot to improve, but they’re surely moving in the right direction.

Word is born: The New Orleans Pelicans are legit!

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