Charlotte Hornets Weekly Recap: Offense remains in neutral


The Charlotte Hornets continue their offensive troubles, which is featured in the team’s weekly recap

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Charlotte Hornets Weekly Recap 11/12-11/19

Weekly Record: 1-3


Phoenix Suns — W 103-95

Golden State Warriors — L 112-87

Dallas Mavericks — L 107-80

Indiana Pacers — L 88-86

Overall Record: 4-8, 5th in the Southeast Division, 12th in the Eastern Conference


The Charlotte Hornets got off to a solid start to the week by beating a solid Phoenix Suns team, however, their momentum could not be sustained as they lost their next three games. The first two loses were blowouts, to NBA title contenders, but the last loss came to a lowly Indiana Pacers team that lost its best player over the summer, as well as Lance Stephenson who the Hornets signed.

Sitting at 4-8, the Charlotte Hornets have to be worried as to why they cant seem to find a rhythm on offense. It’s still very early in the season, but at some point it’s going to become a serious issue if not resolved. And this week’s schedule doesn’t offer any favors as the Clippers, Heat and Blazers are all good teams.

Three Things Good

  1. Stephenson finding a role: Stephenson is still struggling to score, but he has flirted with a triple-double and seems to be finding himself. He leads the team in rebounding, with 9.1 a game, along with 5.4 assists which is also a team best. If he can get his shots to fall, he could easily become the teams go-to guy in the clutch.
  2. Home Court: The decision to change the name from Bobcats to Hornets has not only led to a louder, more raucous atmosphere. Charlotte is only 3-2 at home but the definitely have an advantage thanks to their fans.
  3. Bismack Biyombo: He was nowhere to be seen at the start of the season, as rumors of him being out of shape were being spread, however, he has found his way back onto the court and is averaging 4.4 points and 5.8 rebounds a game. The Hornets could use his size to help give Jefferson a break.

Three Things Bad:

  1. Pacers Loss: The Lance Stephenson revenge game should have had the Hornets fired up to help their teammate beat his former team, however, Charlotte was locked in a tight battle that ended with a buzzer beating put-back. Stephenson played well, but, still, the Hornets should’ve won this game.
  2. Western Conference: Charlotte is 1-6 against the Western Conference and that includes the embarrassing loss to the L.A. Lakers. The West is much stronger than the East, but the Hornets need a stronger showing. They can’t afford to lose games against inferior opponents.
  3. Offense: It seems to be a theme here, the Hornets cant score and each week it doesn’t look any better. Charlotte is the 3rd worst in the NBA when it comes to offensive rating (97.5) and 5th worst at net rating(-6.5).

Upcoming Schedule:

11/21 Orlando Magic

11/23 Miami Heat

11/24 L.A. Clippers

11/26 Portland Trail Blazers

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