NBA: Top 10 Early Season MVP Candidates

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After one-third of the NBA season in the books, here are 10 players that should be considered — at the time being — for the NBA MVP award 

The NBA MVP award is usually a two — at most — man race when it’s all said and done. And those two players usually happen to be LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

However, with Durant’s injury issues and LeBron’s early-season team struggles, it’s clear that the award this season is very much up for grabs. At least at the time being.

With that said, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a handful of players — 30 games into the season — that haven’t made their claim for the award, because there has.

Nearly one-third into the year, here are 10 players that have unofficially thrown their hat in this year’s NBA MVP race.

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