New Orleans Pelicans: Why Anthony Davis Should Wait to Sign Long Term


The New Orleans Pelicans are preparing to offer Anthony Davis a max contract extension this summer, but should he accept it?  

Word leaked that Anthony Davis would be offered a five-year extension by the New Orleans Pelicans that would be in the ballpark of $140 million.

While that’s great money combined with long-term security most players would be quick to agree to, Davis would be wise to sign a one or two-year extension instead.

Having long-term security in case of an injury would be nice, the reality is New Orleans hasn’t made a lot of smart choices in building the roster around Davis.

Trading for Omar Asik last summer hasn’t worked out well as Asik only averaged 26.1 minutes per game and failed to crack double figures in rebounds (9.8 rebounds per game).

Jrue Holiday was a great addition on paper, but the past two seasons he has struggled to stay on the court. He has played a total of 74 games combined during his time in New Orleans.

Tyreke Evans is a big money free agent signing, but he struggled his first season in New Orleans failing to play more than 30 minutes per game (28.2) and shot less than 44 percent from the field. It was only after Holiday missed extended time this season, when he was allowed to play point guard, that he began to find the success he enjoyed in Sacramento.

It’s a big question mark how Evans and Holiday will gel together next season.

So, if you’re truly look at the smart move financially, Davis should follow the lead of LeBron James and sign a one-year extension. That way he will be able to get more money a year from now (when the TV money begins to kick in) and he won’t be a restricted free agent coming off his first rookie deal.

Here’s the latest according to Marc Stein of ESPN:

"Because Davis was elected by the fans to start in February’s All-Star Game, and since he is expected to earn All-NBA first-team honors when voting results are announced in the coming days, New Orleans can start his max deal at 30 percent of the league’s salary cap as opposed to a mere 25 percent.And thanks to the league’s most recent salary cap projections — which will spike dramatically when money starts flowing in from the NBA’s new nine-year, $24 billion TV deal that kicks in starting with the 2016-17 season — Davis can thus be presented with a five-year pact that will eventually top $30 million annually and potentially approach $140 million in total value."

To be honest, I’m confused at how the Pelicans can offer a deal during the current TV contract that will change with the new TV deal that kicks in during the 2016-17 season.

The Pelicans are smart to throw a five-year max offer at Anthony Davis. However, the talented big man would be wise to politely decline this initial offer to have a chance to sign a bigger deal next summer, while also not being a restricted free agent.

But, even if Davis inks the five-year extension with the Pelicans, he will still be a free agent again when he’s only 28-years-old.

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