Los Angeles Clippers: Not So Fast Spurs, Here Come The Clips


With the San Antonio stealing nearly all the offseason headlines, the Los Angeles Clippers haven’t stood quietly, making impressive acquisitions themselves 

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How does a wet behind the ear owner try to make up for his underachieving team? He goes out and buys them more toys to play with.

The Los Angeles Clippers just signed Josh Smith in what can only be seen as a Guido-style fist pump to the San Antonio Spurs and a big “up yours” to Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks.

I like Smith, I think he played wonderful for the Houston Rockets last season, but is he the right guy to be mixing in with the likes of this group? A group that would’ve been in the Western Conference Finals if it wasn’t for a mini-choke job.

Smith has had his share of problems with coaches and players in the past, but mellowed down last year as he got a chance to team with his friend Dwight Howard, James Harden and the upstart Rockets. Now he will team up with the circus that is the Los Angeles Clippers and their head strong coach Doc Rivers. Can he make it? Better yet, can the team make it?

Last season the Clippers blew a 3-1 series lead to Smith and the Rockets — and that’s when drama began. The trade of Matt Barnes for Lance Stephenson, the free agent signing of Paul Pierce and Wes Johnson and how can we forget the DeAndre Jordan fiasco? If you want to win in this league you have to have the right players, but this Clippers group just keeps adding strange personalities at every turn.

Can it work? Yes it can.

Chris Paul is still at the top of his game as one of the best point guards in the NBA. Blake Griffin is top-3 power forward and we’ve seen the importance of Jordan on this team. The arrival of Pierce brings that veteran championship play and voice they have been lacking, while the signing of Stephenson gives the Clips a versatile player they haven’t had since Lamar Odom was drug-free.

The Spurs won the early edition of the free agent pool but the Los Angeles Clippers waited and now are making a run for the top spot now. Doc has his most talented roster ever (Celtics included) as they are deep at every position now (maybe too deep).

Griffin is a workhorse that barely misses games while Jordan is as steady and reliable as they come. JJ Redick has had a few injuries over the years and might be too busy watching over his shoulder as Stephenson will be gunning for his starting spot. The intriguing signing of Pierce can’t be forgotten, either. Does he become the day one starter at small forward or does Doc bring him off the bench?

LaMarcus Aldridge might have put the Spurs in title consideration, but the signing of Smith has put the Clippers on nearly the same level.

Hey Spurs, don’t look now but the Los Angeles Clippers are coming…

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