Let’s Overreact: Analyzing The NBA’s Biggest Offseason Overreactions

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We look back at the biggest overreactions from the NBA’s offseason, and decide whether they need to be debunked 

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In sports, we tend to overreact. Players change teams, coaches get fired and hired. The scene altogether can get shaken up. Overreacting generally leads to disappointment, although some overreactions become reality.

The NBA is no different. And during the offseason, it can get quite crazy. We lose sight of reality and often overreact to any – and every – little thing that takes place during the dogs day of summer.

Now that the NBA offseason is officially over, as preseason is currently in session, let’s look back as some of those overreactions we made during the summer. 

*For clarity: the bolded statements are the overreaction, the words following are my thoughts. They may or may not support the statement.

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