New Orleans Pelicans: 5 Reasons For Their Early-Season Struggles

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In what was supposed to be a promising season for the New Orleans Pelicans. Instead, NO has shocked the basketball world thus far with an abysmal 7-18 start to the season

With Anthony Davis as the face of the franchise, the New Orleans Pelicans were expected to be a top tier team in the NBA. That has yet to be seen, because on paper, they’re only better than the Lakers and 76ers.

The Pelicans are almost at rock bottom, and their situation can’t get worse, unless Anthony Davis gets hurt. They’ve played inconsistent every game, they’ve lacked confidence, and they’ve lacked leadership. When they start games slow, they dig themselves in too big of a hole, where even when they mount a comeback, it’s too late.

When they start games hot, they let-up in the second half and mentally beat themselves.

After last year’s playoff run, many expected the New Orleans Pelicans to build off that success and potentially move up the Western Conference ladder. Instead, the opposite has happened and they have fallen almost all the way down said ladder.

Here are the five biggest reasons why.

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