NBA Roundtable: Comparing NBA Players To Star Wars Characters

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In this week’s NBA Sir Charles in Charge Roundtable, our team compared Star Wars characters to NBA players

This weekend Star Wars, the Force Awakens opens in theaters everywhere. The Star Wars franchise has grossed more money than any other in history. From the elderly to the teens, nearly everyone has at least seen the original Star Wars movie. The Force Awakens looks to be even bigger and is expected to shatter all records for movie ticket sales, along with all the merchandise and memorabilia that go along with it.

One of the things that has made Star Wars so successful is its amazing characters. In honor of the new Star Wars movie’s release, this week the SCIC team compared some of the most famous Star Wars characters to NBA players.

If Star Wars characters were NBA players, who would be the NBA player who is most like the Star Wars character (likeness, style, role, etc.) and why?

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