NBA Power Rankings: San Antonio Spurs Send Message To Warriors And Themselves

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In this week’s NBA Power Rankings edition, we discuss the San Antonio Spurs sending a message to the Golden State Warriors

If nothing else, the San Antonio Spurs gave us something to think about before we crown the Golden State Warriors ahead of the NBA playoffs.

But how could we count out the Spurs, Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and, perhaps more than anyone, Gregg Popovich? It was foolish for us to do so.

The Spurs, after knocking off the Warriors 87-79, Saturday night proved that they can indeed beat the Warriors. Whether they can do it in a seven-game series remains to be seen. Though, for one night, against an undermanned Warriors team, the Spurs had the last laugh.

I’m not sure if the Spurs, or any other team for that matter, can beat the Warriors four out of seven times, but beating them in the regular season does send a message. Not only to the Warriors, but to themselves too.

It might sound cliche and cheesy, or something that Magic Johnson would tweet, but it’s true. The Spurs sent a message that their 59-10 record, including an undefeated home record, evidently didn’t.

Here are this week’s NBA Power Rankings.

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