NBA Power Rankings: Golden State Warriors Historic Run Nearly Complete

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 NBA: Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder

In this week’s NBA Power Rankings edition, we look back at what the Golden State Warriors have done over the last two seasons

In order to fully realize what the Golden State Warriors have done over the last two seasons, we have to go back to the start of last season. Prior to the 2014-15 NBA season, the Warriors weren’t on many radars. At least not when it came to predicting who would be a contender for the NBA Championship.

Looking at the 2014-15 NBA Crystal Ball Predictions, not one writer picked the Warriors to make the NBA Finals, much less win it. Of the teams mentioned: the Bulls, Clippers, Thunder, Cavs, Spurs; no Warriors.

Over at, more of the same was written. A lot of predicting the Thunder, Cavs and Spurs. Interestingly enough, there was one writer who foresaw this Warriors phenomenon coming – Ethan Strauss. He’s the only writer on ESPN and SI to pick the Warriors to win the NBA Championship prior to the 2014-15 season.

But that’s quite rare. For almost no one to foresee this type of run. For a sport where there’s not a ton of parity amongst its contenders, it’s rare for no one to see the Warriors as a real threat prior to them storming through the NBA – two seasons in a row.

Now we know – as they continue on record pace, to break the 72-win regular season plateau. But, let’s not forget what the Warriors have done over the last two seasons. It’s unprecedented.

Here are this week’s NBA Power Rankings.

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