NBA Rookie Report: Malcolm Brogdon Is Surprising The League


Malcolm Brogdon is currently one of the best rookies in the NBA, and no one could’ve saw this coming

Malcolm Brogdon is on fire right now. The Second round draft pick for the Milwaukee Bucks has been surprising many fans of the NBA with his superb motor and drive. He can get to the rim, take quality outside shots, and finds his teammates with ease.

Brogdon has been a huge asset for the Bucks and has been recently inserted into the starting lineup. Many people thought that Thon Maker would be getting more playing time than Brogdon, but Brogdon has been showing the NBA that he is the better rookie, or at least the more League-ready, on the team.

Malcolm Brogdon was drafted 36th overall in the 2016 NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. He was overlooked and was outstanding at Virginia, who are lead by head coach Tony Bennett. Brogdon is currently averaging nine points, four assists and nearly three rebounds per game.

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He is playing around 26 minutes per game, which is huge for a second-round draft pick.

He is currently shooting 43.8 percent from the field and is shooting 42.2 percent from deep. His free throw percentage is 86.5 percent, extremely good, especially for a rookie. Another interesting stat is that Brogdon is only averaging 1.6 turnovers per game.

With Brogdon, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker – and not even accounting for the injured Khris Middleton – the Bucks could be a threat in the coming years.

As long as the Bucks remain healthy, which is at times extremely hard to do, they should have a bright future. The toughest start for the Bucks, and Brogdon, is the fact that they play in a small media market. It’s difficult for them to get the exposure they deserve.

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As long as they continue winning, though, that will come in time.