NBA Rumors: Alex Len will likely leave the Phoenix Suns in free agency

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 26: Alex Len /

NBA Rumors: Alex Len knows that his days as a member of the Phoenix Suns are likely numbered, as he prepares to hit free agency this summer

Throughout the first few years of his NBA career, Alex Len has shown glimpses of the player that he can be. The problem is, he hasn’t exactly reach that potential, fully, with the Phoenix Suns.

And it seems, that with every draft, the Suns are slowly trying to distance themselves from Len. And as he prepares to hit the free agent market this summer, Len will have the opportunity to really dictate his future.

And, in his mind, he knows that likely means leaving the Suns during the summer. And he’s OK with it.

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"[via AZ Central]Len isn’t closing the door on returning to the Suns. But he gets it. General Manager Ryan McDonough has said finding a center in either the draft or via free agency is the organization’s highest priority. Tyson Chandler has one more year left on his contract, and Alan Williams proved last season he can be an effective backup – as well as a fan favorite.That doesn’t leave any room for Len and, frankly, he’s fine with that.“I’m looking forward to this offseason,” he said. “I think it’s going to be exciting. It’s the first time I’m actually going to have a chance to go where I want to go.”"

Len is embracing the opportunity to finally take his career into his own hands. Len is just 24 years ago, and is actually enjoying his most efficient season to date. He’s averaging eight points per game on 56 percent shooting from the field.

However, he’s only playing 20 minutes per game, which is his career low (with exception to his rookie season). If that isn’t evidence enough that the Suns are slowly moving away from Len, I’m not sure what is.

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The question is, what type of market will there be for a 7-foot-1 big man that doesn’t really have an outside game? It’s difficult to gauge and project. In today’s NBA climate, I’m not sure if the big man is still as important as a, say, 3-and-D wing. We’re going to find out, though. As will Alex Len this summer.