2018 NBA Playoffs: Last time the Raptors-Cavaliers met in the postseason

Toronto Raptors Pascal Siakam (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors Pascal Siakam (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

What happened the last time the Toronto Raptors faced the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Playoffs?

The Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers have an interesting history. So, 2018 marks the 3rd straight year these teams are meeting. The catch? The first time they met was in 2016. So, three years in a row is also their entire playoff history.

The teams have played in 10 games. Last season, the Cavs simply swept the Raps in the semifinals. In 2016, the Raptors did manage to get a couple of games in before losing in six games in the conference finals.

The story has been the same for those two seasons: LeBron James. They haven’t been able to get past him. Of course, that’s all of the Eastern Conference since 2011. But yeah, if the Pacers need someone to relate to, it’s the Raptors.

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Here’s how tragic the dominance has been by the Cavs. In the eight wins, only one of them was by single digits. Good Lord. Six of the wins came by at least 19 points. I mean, this is pure dominance, my friends. The Raptors have simply been no match. It hasn’t been close. And for the Raptors to run into the Cavaliers yet again with this recent history? Grief.

Perhaps this year will be different. The Cavs haven’t been themselves and the Raps seem like they’re playing very well. Yes, perhaps 2018 will be different.

However, if the Cavs destroy the dinosaurs again, it might be in the Raptors’ best interest to wait until LeBron retires or moves out west. I’m not even kidding. Six out of the eight losses have been basically by 20 points? Seriously? And the core for the Raptors hasn’t changed in those year, just like Cleveland. But, again, 2018 might be a change.

One way this is positive in that the Cavs didn’t win by as much in 2017 as they did in 2016. See, in 2016, they won their four games by 31, 19, 38, and 26. Horrible, right? But, things got better for Toronto. In 2017, it was only 11, 22, 21, and 7. See that? Improvement!

Eh, but, on the flip side, 2017 was a sweep. So, while the losses weren’t as bad, they couldn’t manage a win anywhere. We’ll uh…we’ll call that a wash.

Hey, look, I’m not here to make fun of the Raptors (little bit, yeah). You have to admit, though, that this is a really rough start to an NBA playoff history. Toronto showed up at an awkward time as they try to overthrow one of the greatest players of all time. It’s really that simple.

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Here are a few reasons why 2018 isn’t quite a repeat of recent history:

  • The Raptors are the higher seed for the first time in the match-up. Home court could be huge.
  • The Cavaliers have just looked vulnerable. Even more than usual like in past years.
  • This seems like the best Raptors team of all time

This is really up to the Raptors at this point.