Los Angeles Lakers: Klay Thompson should be a top target in free agency

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Heading into the summer, targeting Klay Thompson should be one of the Los Angeles Lakers’ top priorities

In order to ruin the Golden State Warriors‘ marvelous dynasty, there needs to be a little bit of subtracting, piece by piece. Two of those pillars that could fall this off-season are Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson (both on player options).

The Los Angeles Lakers have the opportunity to give LeBron James an ideal piece to reinvigorate LA.

Thompson is the main priority – or at least should be – this summer. I’m not saying this because his father, Mychal, played for the purple and gold for five seasons. It’s actually a chess move.

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Thompson happens to be, arguably, the second most lethal shooter in the NBA – the first being his backcourt-mate Stephen Curry. In LeBron James’ 15 seasons, he has never played with a high-powered shooter and defensive ace as Thompson.

Kyrie Irving comes close, but his defense has always been a question. You could also say Dwyane Wade, but his long-range shooting was nowhere near Thompson’s.

James’ game is centered on establishing the attention and dishing out to shooters and cutters. Thompson is great with or without the ball, so James will be able to find him at will.

As the best catch-and-shoot specialist in the league today, Magic Johnson has to make the move.

Scoring 60 points with only 11 dribbles should say a lot to the Lakers front office. On any given night, Thompson is a huge part of the game plan.

Considering the Lakers hold onto their young core and a few of the veterans, Thompson would fit nicely in the bunch. Lonzo Ball and Rajon Rondo are practically cut from the same cloth, as they aren’t elite shooters but unselfish passers.

There shouldn’t be an issue getting the ball to Thompson off screens and fastbreaks.

Thompson could give the Lakers a much needed lift in the defensive department. At No. 15 in defensive rating, the Lakers are in the middle of the pack. Not bad, but could use some improvement.

On the other hand, Thompson has gone overshadowed as a Warrior. Though he is as electric as any player today and is a major box office attraction, he has become the third option.

He had to take a step back from No. 2 when Durant shook up the sports world by joining the Bay Area juggernaut. Durant has taken much of the spotlight from Thompson. Not only Durant, but DeMarcus Cousins is no slouch either, even though he tore his achilles last season as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans.

It’s obvious that the Warriors will not be able to keep Cousins for the long haul (even though they practically stole him from the NBA free agency carousel), but he has become a big portion into what the Warriors are trying to accomplish this year; to capture a third straight title.

Thompson’s play and attitude comes off as very quiet and reserved. He can put up numbers silently, even with big time players on his team.

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It is time for Thompson to move on. There is a growing consensus that the Warriors are just too powerful and well managed for any team to beat them in the NBA Finals this year.

Durant has stated that he would not want to play with James, but Thompson hasn’t. There could be a chance that he signs with the Lakers. Magic and Rob Pelinka just have to work the phones and get Thompson’s camp to commit.