Los Angeles Clippers: Why they won the Tobias Harris to Philly trade

NBA Los Angeles Clippers Doc Rivers (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
NBA Los Angeles Clippers Doc Rivers (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Clippers made the right move in trading Tobias Harris to the Philadelphia 76ers, and will set them up in a great position moving forward

Los Angeles Clippers General Manager Jerry West wasted no time robbing the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday evening. With the trade deadline looming on Feb. 7, the blockbuster trade worked for in the long-term favor of the Clippers, not the Sixers.

The blockbuster deal that the two sides agreed to consists of Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic and Mike Scott heading to Philadelphia, while the Clippers acquire rookie Landry Shamet, Mike Muscala, Wilson Chandler and four draft picks.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported the details early Wednesday morning.

The Clippers will set themselves up for the future with those picks. They will receive the Sixers’ 2020 first-round pick, as well as the Miami Heat‘s immensely coveted 2021 unprotected first-round pick.

This pick was obtained by the Sixers during last summer’s NBA draft. Also, the Clippers will land the Sixers’ 2021 and 2023 second-round picks.

Harris heading to Philly stands out the most as he has had a career year, averaging 20.7 points and 7.9 rebounds per game, while shooting over 42 percent from beyond the arc.

The 7-year pro will join the starting lineup with three other All-Stars in Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler. J.J Reddick will stay at shooting guard.

Upon Harris’ arrival, the Sixers will have one of the NBA’s finest starting 5’s. The question is: How long will it last?

Butler and Harris are expected to become free agents following the conclusion of this season. Sixers’ front office has expressed how they want both to remain with the team for the near future.

I believe if one had to go, it would be Butler, simply because he has stressed how he wants to be “the man” on a team. With Simmons and Embiid sharing that role, there is no way I can see Butler staying in Philly long-term.

For the time being, the Sixers are obviously throwing all their chips on the table for a championship this season. I do not believe this trade will put them over the top, but it certainly makes them a threat.

Shamet was coming into his own and making a case as one of the rising young players in the league. Chandler gave the Sixers quality minutes, doing practically all the dirty work in the midrange game.

Losing those two could hurt them come playoff time.

These factors play into why the Clippers won the trade. So far this season, the Clippers are holding onto the eighth spot in the Western Conference with a 30-25 record. They edge the Sacramento Kings by one game.

Harris was the best player on the team alongside Lou Williams. This shows that they are doing fine with mid-marginal talent. Let’s not forget Doc Rivers is the head coach.

Assuming the Clippers fall out of the top eight spots, they will receive a lottery pick this upcoming draft. I don’t expect them to miss out on the playoffs, but either way, they have a set future by way of this trade.

Whether they keep the incoming picks or not, the Clippers are loaded with assets. They are resembling the Celtics with their plethora of picks.

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The Clippers seem to be all in on attracting big time talent, so don’t be surprised if West unloads the assets for that chance.

They will have plenty of cap space in the summer since Harris is not a priority to re-sign. It should be great to see what the Los Angeles Clippers do in the coming seasons.