NBA Draft 2091: Landing with the Cavs would bring added pressure for Zion Williamson

NBA Draft Zion Williamson Duke Blue Devils (Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images)
NBA Draft Zion Williamson Duke Blue Devils (Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images) /

Being selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2019 NBA Draft would only bring added pressure to Zion Williamson, who already has plenty to live up to

Let the LeBron James comparisons skyrocket.

Duke’s Zion Williamson is arguably the most dominant basketball player in college today. Even before he stepped onto the campus in Durham, North Carolina, he graced the internet waves with marvelous high-flying dunks.

Aside from his above-the-rim play, Zion crushed high-school. He seemingly destroyed every single team he played with elegance.

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Williamson averaged 36.4 points, 11.4 rebounds, 3.4 steals and 2.3 blocks per game during his 19-game senior year.

Zion’s next-level abilities allowed him to become a phenomenon, much like how LeBron James was less than 20 years ago.

I am not saying that Williamson will become the next LeBron, but in just a few months, he could be following the same footsteps as “The Chosen One.”

The stop: Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ever since James left this past summer, the entire city of Ohio has been waiting for the next great star to land in their hands. Quicken Loans arena needs a resurgence of energy.

Collin Sexton, first round pick in the 2018 NBA draft, cannot do it along even though he checks majority of the boxes of an NBA lead guard. Adding Zion would send the fanbase and economy into a frenzy.

There is simply nothing to be excited for in Cleveland other than the Browns and Indians. The Cavs are in full rebuild mode even on the coaching staff.

Let’s be honest, nobody thinks Larry Drew is the long-term coach for the Cavs. Nor is Williamson for a star player.

Nothing to do with his abilities as a basketball savant created in a lab, Williamson will have to live up to the hype of what James created.

Cleveland fans will expect Williamson to be everything that James was, even with delivering the one title city another championship. It’s a tall task for a miniature franchise who thrives on elite talent.

They don’t have that.

James left Cleveland, twice. Once to join his buddy Dwyane Wade in Miami and the second because he simply couldn’t win with the roster set under Koby Altman.

The city of Cleveland will want Williamson for the wrong reasons. He simply cannot lift the Cavs alone.

Now, obviously, Williamson cannot decide where he suits up next season in the NBA, but his career might be over before it even gets started with the Cavs.

James struggled to find any sort of success in his earlier years with the team, ultimately moving heaven and earth to get them to the NBA finals in 2007.

The King was swept by Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs 4-0.

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The Cavs roster now might be worse than what James had to work with that season. Therefore, Williamson’s best bet is to pray the top team is anywhere but Northern Ohio.

Whether he eclipses James in the end or not, Williamson has no business there.