NBA Rumors: Terry Rozier is unhappy on the Boston Celtics

NBA Trade Rumors Boston Celtics Terry Rozier (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
NBA Trade Rumors Boston Celtics Terry Rozier (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

NBA Rumors: As he heads into restricted free agency this summer, we might see Terry Rozier leave the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are about to have a very interesting offseason. With their lack of success in the postseason, head coach Brad Stevens is almost certainly going to be under a magnifying glass, there are reports that suggest Kyrie Irving is about to leave, and now, it’s possible that they could lose Terry Rozier too.

Rozier appeared on ESPN’s Get Up! and First Take today, and he discussed and expanded on his quote about the difficulty of playing with Kyrie Irving, among other things. This all started last week, when Rozier talked to Yahoo! Sports, saying:

"I feel like I sacrificed the most, but I’d do it any day for this team…Coach [Brad Stevens] was in a tough position, one of the toughest positions, deal with all these guys with attitudes, all that [Expletive]. Guys that’s All-Stars, guys getting paid a lot of money, guys trying to get paid. It’s tough."

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Rozier didn’t back down from those comments either, going on to say:

"“I don’t give a [Expletive] what nobody say, I sacrificed the most out of anybody. I’m a top point guard in this league, I feel like it’s a fresh start, whether I’m here or whether I’m gone.”"

It’s not unusual to see top players being heated after a devastating series as the Celtics had against the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, but normally, they go back on their words a few days later, after they’ve had time to calm down.

But not Rozier. He doubled down on his comments, telling First Take:

"“I sacrificed my talent, I think the most…Given my full style of talent, how I play, how Terry Rozier plays, I feel like I couldn’t be that person this year.”"

During that interview, Rozier talked about the difficulties of playing with both Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, especially from a production point of view too.

If it seems like Scary Terry is a bit upset with the franchise, he might have reason to be. Last season, Rozier averaged 11 points, three assists, and five rebounds per game on about 25 minutes a game. This season, those numbers have dropped to 9, 3, and 4 with 22 minutes per game. Rozier also saw his postseason minutes cut from 36 last season to 18 this season.

Despite his obvious disappointment with the rotation this season, Rozier claimed that he didn’t believe that they were the cause of the Celtics problems.

On Get Up!, Rozier claimed that the rotations used in practice were different from the ones used in the game, and were tailored to give Kyrie more time:

"Rotation was different in practice. You’d have the first five and the second five, but then in the game it wouldn’t be like that. It would be ‘Alright, we’re going to keep Kyrie out there, put the rest of you out with him, and you’ll figure it out.’"

One thing seemed to come across clearly in these interviews, and it’s that Rozier is unhappy in Boston. When asked about his offseason plans, even though he is a restricted free agent this summer, it didn’t seem like the Celtics figured too much into it:

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"“I’m going to take it a little easy, I’m going to relax a little bit. I’m looking forward to just playing ball, I don’t care where I go. I expect to just get my chance, no matter where I go.”"